Apology letter for losing something – (Format & Samples)

An apology letter for losing something expresses regret and guilt of the loss and willingness to take the relevant action to solve the problem. The letter can be an apology for losing documents, letters, shipment, a cheque or any other item. Writing an apology letter when you’ve lost something shows you’ve respect for the individual and hold them in high esteem.

Like an apology letter, you might have difficulties choosing the words to use. In such a case rely on the input of templates and samples.

How to Write an Apology Letter for Losing Something

Take responsibility for the loss

When you’ve lost items belonging to another person, the act hurt them. If you are sincere in your apology, start the letter by acknowledging your actions and how they’ve affected the other party.

The individual must understand it wasn’t your wish to have the loss and express empathy.

Offer a solution to the problem

A corrective measure must accompany an honest apology. You should let the receiver know the action you are taking to correct the mess. Are you going to replace the lost item, or you’ll refund money to compensate for the loss?

Express regret

Immediately after the loss, you need to write the apology letter to with words that show you regret the action. Comforting words can mean a lot to the individual besides acting as a way of mending the challenged relationship.

Briefly highlight what led to the loss

  • As you seek forgiveness, recount the event to show you aren’t ignorant of what transpired.
  • Avoid lying or blaming others for the loss. The recipient wants to know what happened.

Reiterate a commitment to avoid a recurrence of the loss

  • Besides compensation or replacement of the lost item, the receiver wants to hear the steps you’ll take to prevent a repeat of the loss.
  • State the clear and workable measures you’ll take to avoid a recurrence of the loss.
  • Only offer measures you are sure you’ll follow through.

Hotel apology letter for lost items

Dear [recipient name],

I’m [your name] working as [designation], at [hotel name]. I write this letter to express regret for the lost items in your hotel room. The incident is an isolated case that rarely happens in our hotel; we take full responsibility for the act, and we’ll compensate for the lost items.

Kindly accept our apologies. We’ve instituted corrective measures to make sure the event never happens again at our premises.

[Your name]

Apology letter for losing a book

Dear Albert,

I’m sorry for not returning your book as we’d agreed a week ago. Once I borrowed the book a month ago, I misplace the book on the bus as I was traveling home. I made several efforts to recover the book, but it was all in vain.

I have ordered for copy the same book from Amazon, and I expect it in less than a week. Kindly note that it wasn’t my wish to lose the book and I promise it’ll never happen again.

Thank you for your patience and forgiveness.

Your best friend


Apology letter for lost documents

Steve Leakey,

Safe Traders International

313 safe streets

Winston City, MO 54321

Abel Kings

JoyFast Suppliers

312 Jam Avenue

Winston City, MO 55321

Subject: Lost invoices

Dear Josh,

I write this letter to express our genuine apologies for losing invoice [indicate the invoice number] dated [date].

The specific invoice was for the purchase of [products purchased].

We relocated our accounting department to our new building this month, and unfortunately, we lost a couple of documents in the process including the said invoice.

Because of this loss, we can’t process your payments on time. We sincerely apologize for the mistake and request for a copy of the stated invoice.

A repeat of this error won’tt recur since we have put into action stringent measures to avoid a recurrence of lost documents in the accounting department.


Steve Leakey

Accounts manager

Safe Traders International

Apology letter for a lost shipment

John Tims

Marketing Manage

Zootech Technologies

Vintage Walk, 45249


Jeff Lee

Staffy Logistics

Windpoint place, 45242


Subject: Lost order

Dear Mr. Lee,

We’re apologetic to report a delay in your purchase order number 2345/91. The order was for the supply of 30 pieces of CCTV cameras for your company.

We shipped the stated order to a different client in the state of Florida because of an error in the shipping address. We realized the mistake four days for the order had been shipped.

We’re guilty of this error and apologize for any inconveniences caused. We’ve already dispatched a correct shipment of your goods, and you’ll receive the order in the next seven days.

We assure you a repeat of the same won’t occur in days to come. We’ve streamlined processes in our dispatch and logistics department.

We’re thanking you for your patience and commitment in business.

Yours sincerely,

John Tims

Apology letter for lost cheque

Rick Martins

Accounts manager

Jay Suppliers

421 Montgomery Lane

San Francisco, California

Sam Peters

Managing director

Preserve Natures Ltd

413, Zigzag Road

Irvine, California

Subject: Lost cheque

Dear Mr. Peters,

We received a cheque number 23456 for the payment of IT services from your company dated 3rd July 2018 that got misplaced at our Riverside offices. Several attempts to recover the check have been futile.

Since we can’t recover the cheque, payment for the services is still pending. We request for a replacement of the check to settle the payment. We apologize for inconveniences caused.

Thank you for believing in our services.

Yours truly,

Rick Martins

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Apology letter to a customer for a missing item

An apology letter to a customer for a missing item is sent to inform the recipient of the item. The letter is an apology to acknowledge what led to the loss. In the letter, include the following;

  • The specific missing item
  • An explanation of what occurred
  • Corrective action

Apology letter to teacher for a lost book

When a student loses a school book, they should report and apologize to their teacher. In the apology letter, they should state if they’ll purchase a new book or they’ll pay the school to buy a new book. These are essential details that should be in the letter;
  • Name of the book
  • Student’s name
  • If they’ll pay for the book or replace

Apology letter for lost cheque book

We write an apology letter for a lost cheque book to explain how the cheque was lost and any other relevant information regarding the matter. In the letter, the following information should be present;
  • The cheque in question
  • A sincere apology
  • A recount of the event

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