Apology Letter for Losing a Book – (Guide + Samples)

Apology letter for losing a book is a letter written to express regret for the fault of losing a book. This letter can be either professional or personal depending on who you are addressing the letter to. There is always the option of actual apology, but writing is the best way to do it because it will give you enough time to think about what you want to say.

When you want to apologize for losing a book, it may seem a bit challenging to find the right words as well the best explanation on how you lost the book. You want the person to understand that it was not intentional. Using a sample letter will help you find it easy to write as well as give you the best idea on how to do it.

How to write an apology letter for losing a book

  • Express Remorse – This is the best way to start your letter. “I am sorry” or “I apologize” is a straight forward way to show the reader that you regret losing the book. Make sure that your sorry is sincere and with no ill motives. Do not just apologize just to cover up your mistake but do it because you really are sorry.
  • Admit Responsibility – The next thing is to let the person you are writing to know that you understand how they feel and take the blame for making them feel this way. Let the person understand that you did not intend to make them feel bad because of your mistake.
  • State Amends – State the action that you intend to take to make the situation right. However, do not let the guilt in you lead in giving empty promises, think through the action of amendment before proposing it. For example, do not say you will replace the book while you do not know where you can source the book from.
  • Promise That It Won’t Happen Again – The last step is to let the person know that you will be careful not to repeat the same mistake again. This is an important step that will help mend the relationship between you and the person that you are writing to.

Apology Letter to a friend for losing a book

Dear Jacinta,

I am so sorry I lost your book which you lent me 2 months ago. I had promised to give it back to you after I am through reading it but unfortunately, I lost it. I just moved in to my new house, i was getting my books arranged when I discovered that I had misplaced this book when moving out.

I am well aware how much you value your books and how you keep them well. I know you wouldn’t want to lose this book and would do anything to have it back in your book shelf. I went to the book shop today to look for this book so that I can replace it but it is out of stock. I contacted some online store and they have promised to get the book delivered as soon as they get it. I hope they do it soon so that I can get it back to you.

Next time I borrow a book from you, I promise to be very careful not to lose it and I have learnt from this mistake. I look forward to having you come for some snack as you see my new place. It is a lovely place with the best environment.

Your sincere friend


Apology for a borrowed book 1

Apology Letter to friend for losing his book 1

Apology letter to friend for not returning book 1

    Apology letter to teacher for losing a book


    Teacher Joseph

    Grade 9

    City Montessori School

    New Hampshire

    Subject: Apology for the Lost Book

    Dear Sir,

    I am sorry I lost the science text book that you had issued to me. You gave me the book to take home so that I can be able to finish my homework and I was supposed to return it on Monday which is today in the morning.

    I was to pick the book from your desk on Friday before the school bus came to pick us. When the bus came, I picked the book and did not put in in the bag; in the bus I placed the book on the bus. I alighted and forgot to take the book.

    I am going to ask the driver if he saw the book in the bag and also ask the other students if they could have taken the book. I know I will be able to get it because it is stamped, and this will make it easy to find it. Once I find it. I will give you a report about how far I have gone on finding it by evening. I promise to be more careful in handling it.

    Yours sincerely

    Janet Greg.

    Apology letter to teacher for losing a book 1

    Apology letter to teacher for lost book 1

    Letter to class teacher about lost notebook 1

      Formal letter to librarian for losing a book

      The Librarian

      Green View School



      Subject: Apology for Losing a Book.

      Dear Sir,

      I borrowed a book titled Essentials of Organic Biology by author Baymen on 9/6/2019 in the evening. i lost my bag on my way home and this book was among the books in my bag. I am sorry for losing the book.

      I will be paying for the cost of the book as soon as I get to know how much it is. I am also willing to get the book from the stores and bring it to the library. The problem is, I failed to get the book in the few stores that I went to. Please let me know if there is any other thing I need to do to compensate for the book.

      Yours sincerely

      Teacher Richard

      For Grade 9 F

      Formal letter to librarian for losing a book 1

      Letter to librarian for losing a book 1

      Apology letter to librarian for losing the borrowed book 1

        Apology letter for not returning a book

        Dear Janet,

        I hope this finds you well. I am writing to apologize for not returning your book as promised. I was to return the book before you left for your vacation. I am sorry I got so busy that I forgot the date on which you were to travel. I just remembered today and just found out that you have already left for your vacation.

        I am not so sure if you wanted to read the book while on your vacation. If this is so, I can make arrangements on how to send the book to you as soon as possible. I can as well use the option of sending you money so that you can buy the book from there. Please let me know on the convenient way for you.

        I miss you already and I look forward to seeing you when you come back from your vacation.

        Best regards


        Letter to class teacher from parents for lost book

        Teacher MonicaGrade 2 West

        City Montessori School

        Subject: Apology for the Lost Book

        Dear Miss Monica,

        I am a parent to Cargen Brown, who is a student at your class. I am writing to apologize because my son lost the Science text book that you had issued to him. The book belongs to the school library and I am aware that it should always be returned to school.

        I will buy another book for replacement as soon as possible. I will also talk to my son about being more careful not to lose the book next time. I will be seeing you soon to discuss on my sons progress in school. Thank you for your continued efforts to help my child improve in the science subject.

        Yours sincerely

        Monica Brown