Apology Letter for Hurt Feelings

In our day to day activities either at home, work or school, we make mistakes—we hurt others. When such happens, it’s imperative that you should apologize and ask for forgiveness. You can choose to do so either verbally or by writing a letter. In formal settings, it’s more important to write a letter. In your letter, you’ll need to recap on what happened briefly, then proceed and apologize.

Most individuals find it hard to humble and say, “I’m sorry.” If this is your case, refer to sample and templates on the words and format to use.

How to apologize to someone you hurt

This simple procedure can help you to deliver your apology message to your recipient.
  • Start by saying sorry.
  • Briefly recap the events. Write a brief highlight of what led to the incident and how you hurt the individual.
  • Apologize once more.
  • Acknowledge you hurt their feelings. Inform the individual you know how they feel. Let them express their feelings or anger, sorrow and mourning.
  • Inform the person that your actions were not deliberate but an accident or a mistake.
  • Humbly request for forgiveness. Let the victim know you regret your actions.
  • Share what you learned from the incident. Highlight the lesson you’ve learned from the mistake. For example, you can say “I realized that I have a problem with anger and I’m willing to visit a counselor for therapy.”
  • Describe the plans you’ll take to avoid a recurrence.
  • Acknowledge you’re ready to face the consequences of your actions.
  • End by saying sorry once more. The more you show how regretful you are, the more you’ll ease pain and anger from the individual. A single instance of saying sorry will not be enough.

Apology letter for hurt feelings (format)

Dear (recipient),

I’m sorry (state the reason). Please forgive me for my wrong attitude and feelings towards you. No matter the circumstance, you did not deserve what I did to you.

Though I don’t want to distance myself from my (primitive/barbaric/ immature) actions, it essential to say that I wasn’t myself when I hurt you. I guess my actions were as a result of (anger/fatigue/ a bad day).

I hope that we can overcome this incident and continue as (friends/ lovers/good neighbors). Please find it in your heart to forgive me, and if possible, we can meet soonest and resolve this matter.

You can contact me via (email/phone).

Once more I’m sorry for the incident.



Sample apology letter for hurt feelings

Sub: My apologies

Dear Lusby,

Allow me to start this letter by reiterating that hurting you would be the last thing in my heart.

Please note that I’m very sorry about last week’s incident in the car park. I didn’t want to embarrass you in the presence of your friends. I was having a difficult time with my mum, and my emotions were low.

I never thought my words would hurt you that much. Always know that I love you so much and I will never allow anything to come in between us.

I admit that I was wrong in responding to you in unkind words, please note that I will never repeat this mistake in the future. No matter the circumstance, I will always avoid hurting you. Please forgive me.

Let’s meet tomorrow in the evening for a cup of tea and resolve this matter. It saddens me to know that we’re not in good terms.

With love,


Related letters

Apology letter for hurt feelings to boyfriend / girlfriend

If you’ve hurt, boyfriend or girlfriend, you can write a letter and apologize to them. In the letter include;
  • A brief highlight of the incident
  • Your apology
  • A promise never to repeat the mistake

Apology letter for hurt feelings to spouse

Any marriage will last as long as the partners are willing to forgive each other. Mistakes in a marriage are inevitable. How you solve your differences with your spouse matters. If you feel you’ve wronged your spouse, writing an apology letter is one way of solving the issue. Please highlight the following in the letter.
  • Your commitment to the marriage
  • Acknowledging your fault
  • Your regrets

Apology letter for hurt feelings to parents

An apology letter to a parent is a letter one writes to their parents to ask for forgiveness for hurting them. The letter will help to regain trust form your parents. Everyone must strive to be on good terms with your parents. When writing the apology letter consider the following;
  • An apology
  • A recount of the event
  • What you’ll do to avoid a recurrence

Apology letter for hurt feelings to boss

If you have had differences with your boss and you’ve hurt their feelings, it’s imperative to sort out the matter by writing an apology letter. In your letter consider featuring this information;
  • A sincere apology
  • Measures to avoid future occurrences
  • What led to the mistake?

Apology letter for hurt feelings to a friend

An apology letter for hurt feelings to a friend is a letter that aims to clear an error that led to hurting their feelings. In your letter, you need to ask for forgiveness besides apologizing. Include these details in the letter;
  • A brief recap of the incident
  • A heartfelt apology
  • How you’ll prevent the mistake in future