Apology Letter for Hitting the Car

An apology letter for hitting a car is a letter one writes to the car owner to express regrets for damaging the vehicle. As we all know, vehicles are valuable possessions that we hold dear. In this respect, if you bump on someone’s vehicle, it’s essential to write to them and apologize. The apology will assist in making up for the mistake besides offering to repair the car. If possible, apologize immediately after the accident.

Finding the right words to make an apology can be daunting; in this case, rely on samples. Since you may hit a hit the car intentionally or unintentionally, the apology will be useful at calming the owner’s emotions.

Apology letter format for hitting a car

Dear (name of car owner),

Please accept this letter as an apology for hitting your car on (date). Though the incident was a mere accident, I felt obligated to apologize. I know you must have suffered inconvenience and stress after the accident.

Though my car insurance cover will cater for the repairs, I must say I am regretting the incident. If possible, we can meet for a formal apology.

Once more, I am very sorry for the accident, feel free to reach me via the email or phone.


(Your name)

Sample letter format for hitting a car

Dear sir/madam,

I write this letter to apologize for hitting your car yesterday evening at Lysak restaurant car park as I was exiting the area. There was little space at the exit; thus, I found difficulties getting out of the car park and in the process, I accidentally hit your car.

After the accident, I inspected your car and found out your car has a slight dent on the left back side and also the lights at the same location were damaged. Unfortunately, I could not wait to meet you since I was in a rush.

I must confess this was unintentional and I am willing to pay for the repairs. Please accept my apologies. Contact me via +917 000 4078 or email co @ web.com.


Andrew Ottins

Apology letters for car accident

Dear (recipient’s name),

This letter is to inform you that I accidentally hit your car last night. Though the action was unintentional, I accept liability for the mistake.

As you may have noticed your car has a small dent and scratched on the right back door. I took pictures of the damage, and I will surrender them to my insurance company for compensation.

Please contact me at your convenience to make arrangements for the repairs.

Again, I am sorry for the incident.



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