Apology Letter For Embezzlement

When working in a given institution and has been assigned roles about funds, the people you lead expect that you are going to represent them well financially. However, if you realize that you have embezzled some funds, you ought to apologize for the sake of your trust even if the issue is in the court. This is the only way of regaining your trust from those affected directly. The court charges will never bring back your reputation.

Apology for embezzlement letter (format)

Dear (name)

I apologize for embezzling (amount) funds when I was serving as (specify position) in (specify the institution. It feels terrible to be seen in such bad light.

I apologize to my family and the victims that suffered from the crime. I am deeply sorry because I know that my trust has been affected. Legal measures have been taken on the issue, and I am ready to take all the responsibility that will be charged to me. I promise that nothing like this will ever happen when leading a team. Let this not block your trust for me.

Thank you!

Sender (name)

Sample apology letter for embezzlement

Dear team

I apologize for the fund misappropriation that was directly linked to me while I was serving as the ABC party director for XXX political party. I happened to embezzle $ 30,000. This was bad of me. Well, I had family demands, and I had no other source of money that could give me an immediate solution. Well, this should not be considered as an excuse.

I am sincerely sorry for my community and those that the crime affected more directly. Kindly consider me trustworthy again. Such a mistake will never happen again. The case is, however, in court, and I promise to take any responsibility that will be placed on me. It feels so bad to take for granted the trust you had for me. I am pretty sorry.

Thank You!