Apology Letter for Dog Bite

Keeping pets is one of the hobbies that many people nurture within and when it comes about keeping a pet, dogs have been always one of the best options ever. Dogs are very cordial in nature but that does not mean they are predictable always. They may be innocent, but their intellect does not match the level of human beings’. If one’s pet dog harms anyone, the sole responsibility goes to its owner as if a person keeps a dog as pet, he/she must know not only how to train it but also to command the situation when it goes beyond control. When someone in affected by a pet dog, as a gesture of goodwill or regret, its owner must write an apology letter for dog bite to the victim.

For instance, here is a sample letter:

Sample Apology Letter for Dog Bite

Sender’s Address

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Recipient’s Name

Recipient’s Address

Dear Mr./Miss,

I would like to make an apology for the behavior of my dog, Jenny, on [**/**/****]. With all regret I want to let you know that he is a well-trained dog, and this is totally an atypical behavior for him.

Jenny has been trained by a professional trainer to abide by all the instructions given by his master. But however, this time the situation went beyond my hold. I’ll definitely put an extra effort on training Jenny to assure you that the same thing won’t get repeated.

If you decide to visit a doctor, I would like to pay for that as I consider myself to be solely responsible for Jenny’s behavior.


Sender’s Name.

Apology Message / Letter for Dog Bite

Dear Mr. / Mrs. Lyons

With all humility, I would like to offer my sincere apology due to the incident that took place earlier between my dog and your daughter. It is an incident that caught with a surprise since my dog has never attacked someone or even behave aggressively. However, that does not justify the fact she attacked your daughter and injure her, which is a traumatic and painful experience.

Since I received my dog has a gift from my grandmother, I’ve trained it to be obedient, calm and loyal. I promise that I will take legal step concerning this matter and make sure that it is the last incident will ever happen again in our neighborhood. In addition, I will be responsible for the entire hospital bill until she will be completely well.

Once again, my sincere apology for your lovely daughter.



While writing apology letter for a dog bite one must be very careful of the tone and language of the letter. The entire piece should convey the sender’s grief and repentance towards the victim ensuring him that the dog’s behavior will be taken care of.