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Apology letter to Neighbor for Dog Barking

Dogs are really lovable pets. Zoologists and veterinary doctors have not yet fully exploited the topic on animal behavior. However, as we live with our pets, we learn more about their behavior.

We keep our dogs in our homes because they are cute and very friendly. However, sometimes they get noisy at night and they sometimes could be a nuisance to your neighbors. However, they don’t bark for no reason. They could be sick, bored, fatigued or alarmed. May be your dog is communicating with your neighbor’s dog from across the fence!

The barking sometimes could be so heavy and lengthy that you need to apologize to your neighbors. Here’s a sample letter you can use to make the necessary alterations to ask for apology if your dog decides to keep your neighbors up all night. For another sample letter you can check apology letter for dog’s behavior.

Apology letter for Dog Barking

Sarah Peterson

200 E Main St.

Phoenix, Arizona



Dear Mr Samuel,

I am writing this letter out of guilty conscience. Lately, my dog has become a nuisance to everyone. He has been barking heavily especially at night and for long hours. I can’t sleep either and I know that the noise is awful to this entire neighborhood.

Please accept apologies from my entire family. My {husband} and I are doing the best that we can to try and identify the cause of this new behavior. However, I am suspecting that our compound is infested with fleas because even after washing our dog with dog shampoo, we find more fleas attached on his body the next day. We are working on this by disinfesting our compound and the kennel.

I hope to hear from you soon. Again, please accept our apologies.

Sarah Peterson.