Apology Letter for Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement occurs when an individual uses copyright-protected work e.g., a song, book, article, etc. without permission from the owner. Products or substances that are protected by copyright can’t be made available to the public in any format without the approval of the owner. If you realize you have been involved in copyright violation, it’s essential to immediately write an apology letter to the copyright owner to avoid any legal consequences.

In the letter, you should inform the owner why you used their work without consent and what you plan to do to solve the problem.

Apology letter format for copyright infringement

Dear [Recipient],

We apologize for using your [name of work] for our [name of project]. I must confess we were unaware of your copyright, and we appreciate you brought the matter to our attention. In this respect, we are willing to make this right with you.

We are making an offer of [$amount] so that you can allow us to use your materials for your project. If you are not comfortable with the offer, we will make sure to remove all the copyrighted material of your work.

Please let us know your views on the matter in the next [number of days]. We look forward to an amicable solution to this matter. You may contact us via [email/phone number].

Once, more we’re sorry for using your [type of work] without your authorization.



[Contact Details]

Sample apology letter for copyright infringement

Dear Mr. Elvis,

My name is Mark Trevor, and I write this letter to apologize for using your article on “The 8 Laws of Power” without your consent.

I admit this was an act of plagiarism, and I take full responsibility for the mistake. I had outsourced the work to a freelancer, and unfortunately, I never confirmed the originality of the work before publishing. In this case, I was wrong, and I apologize for the mistake.

It was unethical for me to use your work without your authorization. You deserve recognition, but I failed in this. I know you re severely hurt to see your work been misused, I would be in the same situation if I was the victim; I am sincerely sorry for the pain.

What I did was unethical, and I understand the repercussions of my mistake. In the meantime, I am ready to discuss the matter with you and see how we can resolve the matter.

Please feel free to reach me via (217) 550 324355 or [email protected].

Again, I’m sorry for the error.


Mark Trevor

Apology Letter for Copyright Infringement (Template)

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