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Apology letter for coming late to college – Sample Letter

Punctuality is an essential part of professional conduct. Most learning colleges condemn lateness. Some do have strict rules for students reporting late. An apology letter for coming late to college can fix the situation.

The letter should be formal and must have address of the recipient and yours. The content of your letter should have details as to why you were late. Promise not to repeat the mistake again. You should be very sincere. Make sure to use good and kind words to convince the reader to forgive you.

An apology letter to the teacher for lateness can go a long way. This will create a good relationship with the teacher and not judge you for the mistake. Once you are late for college, write immediately the apology letter to fix the situation at hand. Using sample apology letter for coming late to college as a guide can make things easier, simpler, and clearer.

Sample apology letter for coming late to college


The Principal,

Focus College,

Subject: Apology for being late

I am a student in your institution under official registration number L1F14standard6.

I am sincerely apologizing for coming late today. My alarm did not ring on time. This amount to my negligence and it should not happen again in future. I will always make sure I wake up an hour earlier and will not depend on my alarm again. I shall request my dad who normally leaves home quite early, to be waking me up.

I am much regretting because I have missed important lecturers that were being taught. However, I will try as much as I can to catch up with the entire class. I promise to be much careful on punctuality in future.

I hope you have understood my situation.


Yours sincere,


[Dan David]


Things to consider while writing this letter

You should be direct to the point. Explain the situation that contributed to lateness. Use good and kind words to convince the recipient to forgive you. Once you realize that you are late, it is good to write the apology letter immediately. This can save the situation like being sent away from the college. You should be sincere and sound professional.