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Apology Letter for Cheating – Useful Sample Letters

Being in a relationship is a good thing but like life, it has up and downs and sometimes it is not an easy road. Relationships are based on trust; hence cheating not only hurts a relationship but may mean the end of a relationship. Many times, cheating occur due to frustration or temptations. It may be a co-worker that came too close, a friend that you could not resist, maybe you were too drunk thus ending into a one-night stand or even an exam that you feared falling. After all, we all fall into temptations and saying sorry or writing apology letter for cheating to your supervisor or partner is the best way to acknowledge that you were wrong and you betrayed him/her.

Apology Letter for Cheating in Exam

To any college, profession body, university or school cheating in an exam is taken very seriously; it can mean the end of termination studies and other disciplinary actions that may be very painful or may end up hurting your career. Writing an apology letter is, therefore, the best thing to acknowledge that you are wrong and sorry. The apology letter may save you from studies termination or other hurtful actions by the authorities.

Apology Letter for Cheating in Exam

Cheating or lying to a boyfriend not only destroy the trust in a relationship but sometimes may mean the end of it. Whether it is over or you want to be given another chance writing an apology letter to him is a way of accepting that you apologize hurting him and ask for forgives. This gives you peace of mind to start another relationship or continue with the relationship if he forgives you.

Apology Letter to Boyfriend for Cheating

Apology Letter to Boyfriend for Cheating and Lying

You may have cheated her with a friend or someone close to you and know the fear that she is about to go and you will never find someone like her. Writing an apology letter to your girlfriend may be the perfect way to bring her back. Expressing how sorry you are to her may also strengthen your relationship as ups and downs are normal to any relationship, no one is ever perfect and we all learn from mistakes. If it is already done just be a gentleman enough, say sorry and move on at least you would have learned from your mistakes.

Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Cheating

Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Cheating

Things not to mention in Apology Letter for Cheating

  • Avoid shifting blame and excuses: Take full responsibility for your behavior and action don’t blame anyone.
  • Avoid words and statements that may sound unapologetic: Words like “May” and “Might’ and statements such as ” I’m sorry if I made you feel that way “may sound that you don’t acknowledge you were wrong so avoid them.
  • Avoid generalization: Be clear and straightforward don’t be vague. This will enable the recipient to know you understand what wrong you did and you are sorry for it.
  • Avoid apologizing for their feelings: Don’t make them feel that you are sorry for what you made them feel avoid statements like “I’m sorry that you felt offended.”
  • Be clear, simple and straight to the point: just be clear and simply say “I am sorry.” It will be sincerer than saying “I would like to say sorry.”