Apology Letter for being Late to School
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Apology Letter for being Late to School

Apology letter for being late in school is written to convey apologies for not making it to school on time. Not making it on time to school is a circumstance that deserves sincere apologies because of the inconveniences that come with it on the recipient’s side. it may get hard to explain the situation that lead you to get late in school at the same time keeping the letter formal.

Using a sample letter for being late will make things easier and simpler for you when writing this letter.

Sample Apology Letter for being Late to School

Date [ 00 / 00 / 0000]

Dear Mrs. [Teacher’s Full Name],

This apology letter is from the deepest part of my heart. Please understand that it was not in my intention to break school rules and regulations. I am deeply sorry for coming late to reporting to school the past few days. Honestly, I regret my action as I am well aware of the fact that you expect a lot from me but lately I have done nothing but disappoint in every way.

A lot has been happening in my life, and I feel it may be affecting my academic excellence in one way or the other. It is the reason I owe you an apology because I think I should have come to you earlier. Kindly note that it was not on my own doing to see to it that I report late to school.

I sincerely hope that you can spare a second of your time to consider my apology. I will make sure to come on time and follow the rules and regulations of school for upcoming classes. Please accept my apology.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Full Name]

Apology / Excuse letter to teacher for being late


Teacher Margaret

Science Teacher

Look Right School

Dear Madam,

I am sorry for coming 20 minutes late to your class. My parents are the ones that drive me to school. Today they woke up to a flat tire and we had to wait a few minutes before the tier could be fixed for me to come to school.

I apologize for this mistake and I hope it will not happen again. Please accept my apologies. I will try to catch up on what was taught in the 20 minutes that I missed the class. I thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,


Grade 8 Red

Excuse letter for being late in exam


Mr. Collins


Roots Schools

Subject: Apology for Being Late in Exam

I am so sorry I missed the math exam today. I got to the class 30 minutes later and the exams had already started.

There was a big traffic that was caused by a tree that had fallen on the road and it took time for it to be cleared and this made me come late to class. I am sorry that this happened, I hope you accept my apologies.

I was so much prepared for this exam and I am kindly requesting if you can schedule another time and let me sit for the exam. I will really

appreciate. I look forward to hearing from you about this.

I thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,


Grade 9 Yellow

How to Apologize to Your Teacher for Being Late

There are times that you will just find yourself late for school, exam or class. This is an unacceptable behavior in many schools. For this reason, it is just to write an apology letter for this to help the teacher understand that it is not due to irresponsibility. Apology letter is the best way to mend the relationship. Here are some tips to help you write:

Reflect on what you did wrong

The best way to write an apology letter is to first think about the mistake you did. Taking time to think about it will give you the right words to explain to the recipient without being dramatic.

Draft your statement

Writing this letter will obviously cause a lot of nervousness. This may lead you to write the wrong thing. The best way to avoid this mistake is to first write a draft that will help you figure out the best statements to use. For example, it is always good to start with something simple like “I am sorry for disrupting class”

Find the right time to talk to them

When you are late for class it is not right to just start apologizing in the middle of the class. It is best to wait until the class is over to talk to your teacher. You may ask them for a minute or two and either deliver the letter or explain the situation.

Be straight forward

Do not beat around the bush. The recipient already is aware of your mistake and the best way for this is to make sure that you don’t give stories, but you are just straight to the point, which is apologizing for the mistake that you made. Speaking clearly will prove that you are genuine about your excuse.

Explain the reasons

After saying that you are sorry, the next step is to explain the reason that caused your lateness. The explanation should be straightforward and simple. It should not be too long. You can say that the reason why you got late is because you forgot to set the alarm and woke up late and you are sorry.

Take responsibility

Do not start blaming other people for the mistake you did. Just take responsibility and say that you understand that what you did was wrong. Don’t say that the dog hid your homework and you got late asking your dog where the book was. Be genuine and own up your mistake.

Promise it won’t happen again

If the mistake that caused you to be late is one that can be avoided, state that it will not happen again. Make sure that you are giving a promise that you will be able to keep. If it is a mistake that you could not intentional like an accident, just state that you are sorry without making any promise.

Have appropriate body language

When you are apologizing in person, you have to have the courage to stay composed, without being nervous or looking like you don’t care.

Giving your apology in person takes you to be relaxed and composed when explaining the situation.

Ask for forgiveness

This is the major reason for the letter and should be done in a simple way. The best way is just to give a simple and sincere statement like saying “please forgive me”, “I hope you forgive me”

State what you will do to cover on what you missed

Being late means that you definitely missed on something like an exam or some class work. It is important to state what you will do to catch up with the class work you missed. If you missed an exam, it is important to request another time to sit for the exam.

Excuses for Being Late to School

  • Bad Knee Injury – During a recent family weekend out, I encountered a slight accident that resulted from a rolled over bicycle. We were all having fun when the bike I was riding tripped over a hidden pothole and I lost balance. I ended up bruising my neck and fracturing my knee.
  • Medical Admission – As a result of the severe knee injury, I was left with no option but to get a medical admission that required bed rest for at least two nights. During the hospitalization, I contracted terrible flue in the hospital which ended up elongating my stay.
  • Depression – Before leaving for that trip, my family had been going through a critical time following the recent indictments against my father for allegedly losing over $150 million hospital funds. The weekend out was to serve the objective of taking our mind off the stressful moments we were going through at that particular moment.
  • Meeting Doctor’s Appointments – It was not enough that I got bedridden and had to rest for a minimum of two days. The Chief Medical Examiner scheduled an appointment with me on days that corresponded to school time, and this was one of the reasons I kept running late.
  • Side Effects of Drugs – The medicine that I took from the prescription that was given to me by the doctor had some side effects that did not work well with my genetic makeup. I had difficulty focusing and coordinating major muscle movements.
  • Bad weather – The past few days have experienced torrential downpour in this part of the state, and as we are all aware of our terrain, it became tough to access public means of transport.
  • Kindness – It may sound foolish, but on the last day of reporting late to school, I had to save a cat that had gotten stuck a pit after falling several stories down.
  • Teachers Strike – On the same day, it so happened that teachers were out on the street demonstrating over insufficient pay yet they provide the best of their services to all students at the expense of their own goals.
  • School Renovation – As a result of the strike, some school property was destroyed. The administration issued a memo stating that the school will break for two days to make renovations.
  • Lack of means of transport – As a result of the severe weather, many public vehicles could not reach some areas that were sensitive with the too much downpour.

If these excuses are not enough or you want to read more excuses, you can check out best and worst excuses for missing school.