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Apology letter for being late to class – Sample Letter

Lateness can be symptomatic meaning that it relates to a certain incidence. This can cause problems that affect workflow especially in a company or interrupt learning in class. It is, therefore, necessary to write an apology letter to those affected and express your regret disturbing them. In class, it is important to apologize to the teacher and classmates involved and say sorry for interrupting their lesson. This will be important in maintaining a good relationship with them. The apology letter for being late to class will also show that you acknowledge your responsibility and that you will ensure you act as required in the future.

An apology letter for being late to class will also help the teacher understand the causes of your lateness and decide on how he can help. In case the cause is unavoidable, he/she will, therefore, decide to excuse you in case you arrive late in future without having to write an apology letter.

Sample Apology Letter for Being Late to Class

Dear [Mr. Paul],

I write this letter to convey my apology for attending class late on [23/10/20xx]. Due to my tardiness, I missed a class which is fundamental to my studies as far as achieving good grades in the exams is concerned.

According to the rules of the school regarding class attendance, students should be in class and settled before the lessons start. I, therefore, regret obstructing you and other students when the class was in progress. I am currently takings steps to ensure that I get in touch with other students and learn what was taught before arriving.

I have also written the notes you gave the other students. My lateness was caused by my parents’ car breakdown as they were dropping me to school. The car had to get serviced. Unluckily, the mechanic contacted was away and therefore we had to wait for him. Since we were a long distance away from school, I could not walk to school and this left me with no other option other than waiting for almost an hour to avoid arriving late in the future, my parents and I will ensure that the car is always in a good condition.

We have also resolved to always start our journey earlier than before in order to have time to take care of such unforeseen incidences. I kindly request you to let me know if there is anything I should learn or do in order to compensate the time I missed.

I greatly value your lessons and I promise you that I will not disappoint you and the rest of the class in future.


[Full Name]

Apology Letter for Being Late to Class from Parents

Dear (Mr.Paul),

We write this letter to you to apologize on behalf of our child [Tom Hakins] for being late to class. We regret for causing inconveniences and for defying the rules of the school.

We are aware that he missed almost half of the class which is risky for a student sitting for an exam at the end of the term. We are fully responsible for his lateness because our car broke down as we were traveling to school. The car had some mechanical problems since last week but failed to service it. Repairing it took a while and he had to wait since there were no other alternative means of getting to school at that time.

To avoid the same incidence in the future, we will ensure that we play our roles as responsible parents by ensuring that our car is always in a good condition. We will also start our journey to school earlier than before in order to have time to repair or look for alternative means in case such unforeseen incidences happen.

We will also ensure that he compensates for the missed time by taking notes from other students. We kindly request that you update him on what you taught while he was away. Please also assign him any assignments that you had given to the rest of the class so that he can catch up with them. We greatly value your work as his teacher and we promise to work with you in order to ensure that he gains fully from your lessons.


[Full Name]