Apology Letter for Being Late Due to Traffic

Coming late to office or school is never appreciated. However, there are some situations when that cannot be avoided due to traffic or car breakdown. Traffic can make you get to job quite late even if you left home in a timely manner. When you get late, it is good to write an apology letter for being late due to traffic to your supervisor and inform him or her about the situation.

Bring it to their attention that you are very sorry for reporting late and promise that you will not repeat. Avoid giving out excuses; this will weaken your case. It is very important to provide a reason and possible solution. This will help your boss not to judge you. In some companies, they have very strict rules for late comers. They can end up by deducting your salary. Therefore, the sooner you write your apology the better. Using sample apology letter for being late due to traffic, it can make things easier, simpler, and clearer.

Sample apology letter for being late in school due to heavy traffic

This is a letter written by a student to the teacher apologizing for being late for school. Some schools have very strict rules for students reporting late to school. Writing an apology letter can save a situation.


To; [Teacher James]

RE: Apology for being late to school

I am very sorry for reporting to school quite late due to heavy traffic. I left home early enough hopping to get to school early enough. The presence of traffic was due to an accident that occurred this morning.

I am sorry for that and I promise it shall never happen again. In case it happens, again i shall request the driver to use an alternative route to school.

I hope you understand my situation.

Yours sincere student,



Sample apology letter for being late to work because of traffic

This is a letter written by employee to his or her boss apologizing for being to work. The sooner you write the apology letter the better. This is because some companies have strict rules for late comers. Therefore, an apology will go a long way. Use good and kind words to convince the reader to forgive you.


Mr.[ Fellon Felix]

Manager marketing

Focus Company ltd

243 New Streets

Dear [Mr. Fellon]

I am very sorry for coming late to work today. This misfortune was due to construction that was going on. I had no idea about the closing of the road. I would have used alternative road. However, this is just a temporary closure. Connecting to the possible route to office made me to be late.

I understand that my lateness does not add up to the company. I intend to give more extra time, to compensate for the time wasted. Please accept my sincere apology and I promise that this shall never happen again in future. I shall be believing home an hour early to make sure the problem does not happen again, until the road is fixed.

Yours sincere,


[Hogan David]

Marketing Assistant

Apology letter for being late at work because of traffic

Mercy David


Mr. Dickson

Front Office Manager

E Zone Hotel


Addison, Dallas

Subject: Apology for being late

Dear Mr. Dickson,

I am sorry I got to work at 8.45 am instead of 8.00 am. I was 45 minutes late. There was traffic on the route that I normally use to come to work.

The traffic was cause by a tree that fell across the road and it took sometime for it to be cleared. I normal days this route is always the

best because I hardly experience any traffic.

I am sorry for the inconvenience that was caused at the desk because of this. Kindly accept my apologies.

Yours truly,

Mercy David

Apology letter for being late in school because of traffic

Teacher Joseph

Grade 3 Red


Mr. Collins


Green Park Schools


Subject: Apology for being late

Dear Sir,

I am sorry I reported to school 30 minutes late today. This was caused by unusual traffic that I experienced on my way to school.

I left the house in good time but couldn’t get to school on time. I did not know the cause of the traffic but I hope it is something that will not happen again soon. This is the route that I usually use and I never experience traffic.

Kindly accept my apologies.


Teacher Joseph.

Apology for being late to class from student

Dear Madam Lillian,

I am sorry I came to class late today. This caused me to miss the science lesson that was to prepare me for the upcoming exams.

My parents used a route that they don’t usually use on our way to school. This route had a heavy traffic that made me come to school one hour later. I am sorry for this and I promise it will not happen again.

I will take the notes from one of the student and revise on them. I will work hard to make sure that I catch up with the rest of the students. I promise to do my best to get good grades.

I thank you.


Janet Moon

Apology for being late to school from parents

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my son George who came to class late. The inconveniences were caused by a heavy traffic that I experienced as I was driving him to school.

I am sorry I used a route that I do not normally use and was expecting it to be clear in terms of traffic, which was not the case. The traffic caused us to stay on a standstill for 30 minutes. Please accept my apologies.

I am sorry he missed an entire lesson, which could affect his performance if he does not catch up. I have advised him to ask for notes from his fellow students so that he can catch up on what he missed.

I promise that this mistake will not happen again in future. I will be careful on the routs that I choose next time. I thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Morgan,

George’s Mother

Apology for coming late to hostel

Jane Carson


Madam Ruth

Hope Hostels

New York

Subject: Apology for Coming Late

I am sorry I arrived very late last night. I am aware that it is against the rules and regulations of the institution to arrive after 6pm. I am sorry I arrived at 8 pm. I went to the stores to buy the

items that I urgently needed. On my way back, I was caught up by traffic. It took 45 minutes for it to clear.

I broke the rules by my tardiness, I promise that next time I need to get something from the stores I will go earlier to get back on time.

Please accept my apologies.

I thank you for your consideration.


Jane Carson

Apology letter for being late to an appointment

Mrs. Liza Wayne

Self Inc

August X, 20XX

Dear Mrs. Wayne,

I am sorry I missed our appointment today. I was looking forward for the meeting but unfortunately, I experienced a heavy traffic on my way to your office, which took 30 minutes to clear.

I realize how busy you are, and your time is valuable. I hope this will not prevent us from rescheduling the appointment. I know the meeting is very important to both of us and will really help to grow our businesses.

I promise that this will not happen again and look forward for another appointment date soon. Please forgive me.

Thank you for your consideration.


John Anthony

Apology for being late in a meeting

Ann Shawn

000 left street

Bright town 12345

June 00, 20CC

Summer Loud

Human Resource Manager


000 Left Street

Grey City, Atlanta 123

Dear Mr. Summer,

I sincerely apologize for being late at the staff meeting this morning. I was 40 minutes late and caused tension on everyone who was present in the meeting and waiting for my presentation.

On my way to work, I experienced a heavy traffic that was caused by an accident that had happened. It took more than 30minutes for it to

clear. I was not able to make the presentation but given another chance, I will present because I was ready with it.

I promise that I will try to be leaving the house early to avoid such inconveniences. I hope you forgive me.



Apology Letter for Being Late in an Interview

James Light

5555, South Street

Light City

July 1, 2011

John White

678 North Street

Bright City

Subject: Apology for Being Late in an Interview

Dear Mr. John,

I am sorry I arrived to the interview 15 minutes late. There was traffic at the round about that took 20 minutes to clear. I had left the house early and had purposed to be in the office early enough.

I thank you that you allowed me for the interview and even considered me for the second interview. I learnt a lot about the company, and I am grateful for this. I promise this will not happen again in the second interview that you have considered for. Please accept my apologies.

I thank you for your consideration.


James Light

Reply to warning letter for late coming

Dear Mr. Daniel,

I am sincerely sorry I reported to work late on Monday and Wednesday this week. This has caused a lot of inconveniences in sales department and I even missed an important meeting with a client due to my tardiness.

I am aware of the consequences that come with this mistake and I kindly ask for your forgiveness. The road that I use to come to work

has had traffic lately and I am not yet aware what is causing the traffic. I had purposed to be leaving the house a bit earlier to avoid this incident repeating itself, but on Wednesday, there was a presidential escort on the same road, and this caused a lot of traffic on the road.

I now have purposed to be leaving the house an hour earlier so that this mistake will not happen again. Please consider my apologies.

I followed up on the client and we have rescheduled the meeting to Friday afternoon. I will do my best to improve in my office for the

benefit of the entire company. I hope you forgive me.

Thank you for your consideration.



Leave application due to traffic jam

Mr. Patrick

HR manager,

OOO Hotels



Subject: application for leave

Dear Sir,

I was on my way to work today but experienced a heavy traffic along the way. The traffic was caused by a demonstration from the university

students who blocked the road for about four hours. There was a riot when the police arrived and this caused another one hour of traffic

before everything calmed down.

There is no any other alternative road that I can use to get to work. I was 6 hours late to work and decided to just go back home and take a leave.

Kindly accept this leave application that was brought about by unavoidable circumstances. I will make up for what I was supposed to do tomorrow. I thank you for your consideration.

Kind regards


Front office

How to write an apology letter for being late

  • Compose yourself. Think about the best way to apologize. If you are just a few minutes late, you can consider apologizing by word of mouth. However, when you are exceptionally late, writing an apology letter will be the best way to do it. This will prove to the recipient that you are truly sorry for your tardiness.
  • Stay formal. The letter format should be formal. This means that you should avoid being casual with the words you use and be straightforward on the subject that you are writing. Address the recipient in a formal way even if it is a colleague that you are close to. When it comes to business, formality is key.
  • Open the letter with a salutation. Use the word dear followed by the recipient’s appropriate title such as Mr., Mrs., and Miss. You should not sound familiar with the recipient even if you have casual terms.
  • Explain the purpose of the letter. This is the body of the letter. It should explain on the reasons that caused you to be late, state the duration which you were late, you can say that you were 30 minutes late and the date. The body should be short without so many excuses. It should be straight to the point.
  • Show that you understand the consequences of your tardiness. Include a line that will show that you acknowledge how your mistake caused inconveniences to the recipient. You can say something like “I understand that my tardiness led to a loss of a client”
  • State the measures you will take not to repeat the mistake again. Describe the steps that you intend to take to make sure that the mistake never happens again. You can say something like “I have purposed to be leaving the house earlier than I normally do”
  • Express your gratitude. Thank the recipient for understanding and for taking time to read your letter.
  • Include your name and signature at the bottom of the letter.

How to Email Your Apology Letter

You can opt to send your letter by email. Here are some guidelines to do it

  • Start with the subject line. You can use something like “ A Note of Apology”
  • Salutation
  • The body of the message- a brief explanation on what caused the mistake.
  • Your name and signature at the bottom.

When writing, avoid using emoticons or stylized fonts. Keep it formal. Proof read your letter to correct any grammatical and spelling errors.

Things to consider when writing this letter

When writing letter for being late, always be sincere and direct to the point. Use of kind and good words will go a long way. Do not sound to be full of excuses, just admit the mistake, and promise not to repeat again in future. It is very important to write the apology letter immediately you realize you are on the wrong side. This will show accountability and owning up the mistake committed. The letter should have details or explanation as to why you were late and possible solution to the problem. Always write in a professional tone to convince the reader.