Apology Letter For Bad Behavior – 7+ Samples & Formats

Apology Letter For Bad Behavior – 7+ Samples & Formats

An apology letter is a way of expressing regret towards a past action or occurrence in writing with an aim of making a positive change from a negative action. Apology letter for bad, rude or unprofessional behavior is written to express regret for behaving in the wrong way towards a person who you had a good relationship with or at work place.

Bad behavior or acting in unprofessional way may be resulted by so many things including stress, anxiety or work pressure. In most cases one never intends to behave badly or to be rude. This may cause tension on the best way to say sorry or even write the apology letter. Using a sample letter is the best way to get guidelines on how to do it in the best way. The sample letter will give a person a clear way on how to do it.

How to Apologize for Bad Behavior

Take some time to compose yourself before you apologize

The bad behavior was triggered by some emotions like stress or anxiety, when you realize that you have just messed up, you may want to apologize immediately. This may not be the best time to do it because the recipient is also in a state of anger towards your bad behavior.

The best way therefore is to take some time to calm down and think carefully about what you are going to say and the best way on how to put it down. Taking some time over it will also give the recipient time to calm down by the time you deliver the letter. However, do not take too long before you apologize, the best time is after a day.

Write an apology letter

Writing is the best way to get composed. You may not be writing to deliver the letter but in the process of writing you will pour out your feelings about this mistake and get the best words on how to say it.

Your apology letter should be straight forward without so many excuses. Be direct in admitting your mistake and the reason that led to your bad behavior. Do not justify the cause of your behavior but rather own it up by simply saying sorry. Let the person know that you regret and will act towards improving on how you behave next time when you get stressed up.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are apologizing to in order to get the right words to say sorry. Let the person know that you understand how your behavior caused them to feel.

For one on one apology, choose a private place

If you are ready to face the person one on one to say that you are sorry, choose a place that is quiet. If it is at work place, you may decide to do it in an office or in a conference room. If it is a personal issue, you may choose your home or the person’s home.

Apologizing in a public place may make you a bit confused on what to say because of fear of how the person is going to behave. However, if the person is really upset and you are not sure about how best they can handle their emotions, choosing a public place is the best thing to do.

Accept responsibility for your behavior

Owning up your bad behavior make the person you are apologizing to more willing in forgiving you. The best way to own up is to start your apology by letting the person know that you understand that you acted in an inappropriate way.

State this in a straight forward way by simply saying that you were wrong for speaking in a rude manner, or you were wrong for shouting to the person in a public place. Do this without giving excuses.

Express regret for your behavior

After owning up your bad behavior, the next thing will be to let the person know that you really regret on your action. Do this in a sincere way to let the person understand that you know that you caused pain by behaving in the unexpected manner.

Make a promise to change your behavior

When promising that you will not repeat this mistake again, make sure that you are giving a promise that you can keep. Stating this kind of promise should be well thought of before letting the person know lest you end up adding a mistake on top of another.

Bad behavior caused by emotions like anger may be hard to promise on change because the emotions must be controlled in a process. However, you can still promise that you will be slow to speak or act when you find yourself in a situation like that again.

The best way is to ask the person how you can make it up to them and let them dictate their expectations for you.

Ask for forgiveness

Do not end your letter without asking for forgiveness. This is a way to show that you want to maintain a good relationship with the person despite the bad action that led to a negative image about you. Your request for forgiveness should be in question form. This will impress that you are not demanding but requesting. You may say “I am sorry I behaved inappropriately, will you forgive me?”

Apology Letter Format for Bad Behavior

Dear (Recipient),

I am really sorry for what I (said, did etc.) on (day of week). My actions were inappropriate, and I failed to show maturity and professionalism to (you, organization). My action distracted others from (doing their job, learning).

I am embarrassed by this behavior that is unacceptable to (you, the entire organization). I promise that this event will not happen again in future. I will do my best to make sure that I don’t repeat my bad action. I have learnt from this and the next time I find myself in such a situation or environment, I will handle it in a mature and professional way.

Again, I am sorry for my actions and I hope that you can forgive me. I look forward to (working, learning from) you soon. Please let me know your thoughts about this. You may contact me at (email, phone number) at your convenience.


(Sender Name)

Sample Apology Letter for Bad Behavior


Dear Mr. Samuel,

I am writing to sincerely apologize for my bad behavior during the staff meeting yesterday. I deeply regret my actions and the bad image that I portrayed to my colleagues and the entire management team.

I am really embarrassed by this action as the head of department and I know that I failed to show a good example to my juniors by shouting at you. I know that this is unaccepted by both management and my colleagues. I acted out of work pressure that had caused me too much stress.

I promise to compose myself next time if a situation like this arises. I will be slow to act as well as to speak when I have work pressure. Please accept my apologies and forgive me for acting unprofessional during the meeting.

I look forward to work with you and discuss on the agenda about team building activities in a professional way soon. Please let me know your take on this.

Yours sincerely

Mark Alex

Sample Apology Letter for Bad Behavior at Meeting


Postal code

Dear Sir/Madam

Subject: Apology Letter for Bad Behavior

I would like to sincerely apologize for my behavior on (date). I am sorry for what I said to you during the meeting. I acted in a bad way and this was embarrassing to the entire organization.

I acknowledge that I was wrong, and I promise this event will not happen again. Next time I find myself in such a situation, I promise to be slow to take any action and think over things before speaking.

I look forward to a good working environment at all times. I hope you can forgive me.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Sample Apology Letter for Bad Behavior at Work

From,Davis Jones

Po box 11223

2nd February 2018


Dennis Roy

Po box 2234

Ref: Bad Behavior Apology Letter

Dear Sir,

I am much humbled to write to you asking for apology over my bad behavior during the meeting. I clearly know there were special people such as managers and superintendents. All over sudden I could not control myself, due to stress I was having.I have been so stressed over family matters for the last few days. I am so sorry for the rude behavior. I further understand am solely responsible for portraying a bad image.

Though what I did is not forgivable, I do apologize to the whole team and you. I sincerely assure you such act will never appear again in future.

After going through this letter, I believe you will find a room in your heart and forgive me.

Yours truly,

Davis Jones

Apology Letter Sample For Bad Behavior

Apology Letter Sample For Bad Behavior


Apology Letter To Boss For Misbehavior

This is a type of letter addressed to the boss from employer. In this event, the employee must have offended the boss. The employee writes a letter contrary to saying sorry by a word of mouth. Writing a letter expresses how sorry you are over your misbehavior. In most cases, letters are taken to be very serious mode of communication. When writing apology letter, try to use most appropriate words. Do not direct your blame to another person. Explain the event that contributed to you misbehaving. Try as much as possible not to sound defensive.
Apology Letter To Boss For Misbehavior


Apology Letter To Boss For Misconduct

Watching how you carry yourself and your tone around others matters a lot in workplaces. In some instances, you might offend another person without knowing. Apology letter to the employer is for apologizing for things you said or actions. It does not matter the length of the apology letter. A few lines will be highly appreciated by your boss. This may improve your morale I in workplace. Consider the tone and words to use in the letter.
Apology Letter To Boss For Misconduct


Apology Letter For Bad Behavior In School

In school, there are many instances where the student misbehaves. Some schools do punish by sending away the student. That will depend with the nature of the offense. To avoid being expelled from school an apology letter will make things easier. You have to explain in your letter factors that lead to your act. Promise not to repeat again in future. Use good and kind words. Show how you regret your actions.
Apology Letter For Bad Behavior In School


Apology Letter For Unprofessional Behavior

Making mistakes or being unprofessional at work is something very common. At times, you can end up behaving rudely to your coworkers. Everyone is prone to mistakes. Writing an apology letter addressed to the employer after the mistake is common. However, it can be somehow difficult to write apology letter in professional life. The content of the letter should show how you intend to improve the unprofessional behavior. Convince the reader it will never happen again.
Apology Letter For Unprofessional Behavior


Apology Letter For Bad Behavior To Customer

There is a golden rule that a customer is always right. Sometimes you end up offending the customer with your rude behavior. This might make the customer not to come back again. As soon as you realize the mistake, write an apology letter to your customer immediately. Explain into details what happened or contributed to rude behavior. Use good and appropriate words. Promise not to happen again.
Apology Letter To Customer For Rude Behavior


Apology Letter For Bad Behavior In Class

The misbehavior in class can amount to serious punishment. An apology letter to the principal for misbehavior can really go along way and save the situation. It is good to humble to school authority. In the letter, try to show that you are regretting over your actions. Promise that such event it will never appear again. Do not sound defensive in any way. Tell the reader that you will work hard and concentrate on the studies. Make use of kind and good words to explain your situation.
Apology Letter For Misbehavior In Class


More Related Apology Letters

Letter of Apology for Bad Behavior to principal

This is addressed to the principal for bad behavior in school. This is what you should include in the letter:
  • A statement to say you are sorry
  • Describe the mistake you did and the day on which it happened
  • Acknowledge that you are wrong
  • State what you will do to amend the mistake or ask the principal to let you know how you can amend the mistake
  • Promise you will not do it again
  • End by saying that you are sorry
  • Put your name and signature

Apology Letter to Principal for Bad Behavior

Letter of apology for bad behavior at school

Letter of apology for bad behavior to teacher

    Letter of apology for bad behavior to parents

    This is written to parents. It should include:
    • Description of the bad behavior
    • Reason why you behaved that way
    • A promise that you will not do it again
    • A sincere statement to say that you are sorry and request for forgiveness.

    Apology Letter Format to Parents

    Apology Letter to Parents for Bad Behavior

    Sample Apology Letter to Dad

      Letter of apology for bad behavior to friend

      This is written to a friend. It should include:
      • Salutation
      • Start by saying you are sorry
      • Own up the mistake
      • Describe your reason for behaving badly
      • Promise it will not happen
      • Request for forgiveness

      Apology letter to a friend you hurt

      Letter of apology for bad behavior to friend

      Sample Apology Letter to Best Friend

        Letter of apology to boyfriend/girlfriend

        This should include:
        • Salutation
        • Sincere statement to say that you are sorry
        • Acknowledging that you regret your bad behavior
        • Stating your next action to amend the mistake
        • Promise that you will not repeat the action again
        • Asking for forgiveness and another chance in your friendship

        Apology Letter to Ex

        Sample Apology Letter to Boyfriend

        Sample Apology Letter to Girlfriend

          How to apologize to your boss for bad behavior?

          Accepting responsibility; Own up your mistakes and make apology. Do not sound defensive in anyway.

          How to apologize for bad behavior in school?

          Write an apology letter to the teacher. Try as much as possible to show how that you really regret your behavior. Promise not to happen again. Explain what lead you to that behavior and how you plan to work on it. Use proper words.

          How to apologize to customer for rude behavior?

          Own up the mistake. Write an apology letter to the customer for the rude behavior. Explain what contributed to rudeness. Promise not to happen again. The content t of the letter should be able to convince the customer to forgive you. Use good words. Show the customer you he is your priority. Never sound defensive.