Apology Letter After Flaking

Apology letter after flaking is simply a letter that you write to show remorse for not honouring your responsibility with little or no notice at all. It is vital that you write such a letter since it is the only way to gain back peoples’ trust and your reputation.

If you fail to do so, you may be considered to be an irresponsible person, and nobody will entrust you with a duty any more.

Sample apology letter for flaking

Dear Smith,

I cannot apologize enough for not honouring my pledge to support your wedding plans. I committed to financing it and also help in planning, but it so happened that I did not appear anywhere. I have no excuse for not honouring my commitment. I sincerely had no bad intention to make your wedding fail. Well, my mother got admitted to the hospital, something that drained me financially. This is not an excuse since I could give you a notice about my condition.

Kindly do not take me an irresponsible person. What I did was wrong, and I promise not to do the same again. At least I will give an earlier notice for the same if I have to. Am sorry for the damage I caused, and I promise to provide you with a gift package in place of the support I failed to give you. Kindly forgive me.




How to apologize after flaking

It is not a good idea that you should commit yourself to do something and fail without notice. However, some conditions are unavoidable, and so if it happens, you should consider apologizing. Here is a guide on doing so:

Show remorse

When writing such a letter, show that you are sorry about your failure to do as you committed. Do not make it look so ordinary that any other person would do what you did. Make it clear that you have realized the effect of your flaking, and you feel bad about it.

Admit responsibility

It is you who committed to do something which you finally did not do. Therefore, it is not time to start placing the blame on another person. Take the responsibility of your mistake and say sorry about it. The commitment was yours, and so failure is automatically yours. At least you would have communicated earlier which you didn’t.

Be willing to make amends

You can choose to do something in replacement of what you were supposed to do, which would quicken the healing. You could also ask your respondent about what would help him or her to heal faster. You don’t just let everything die naturally.

Make a promise

The best promise you can make is that you will not flake again. Remember, you are building back your trust and reputation. Make it clear that you have realized that what you did was wrong, and it will never happen again. Show your regrets.

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