Apology for Sharing on Social Media

Apology letter for sharing on social media is simply a letter you write to an individual or organization for posting something that interfered with their reputation or did not amuse them. In case you post a rude or negative post on social media, you should be responsible enough to apologize so that the hurting that you caused can be corrected. If you do not apologize, you might end up being blocked from social media or sometimes be summoned to respond to a court order.

How to apologize for being negative on social media

Once you have realized that your post was negative in the perspective of the other party, it is not time to argue about the whole thing. Get down and write a genuine apology letter to the person or the organization that you posted about. Here are some few tips on how to go about it.

Be sincere

You have realized without being coerced that you need to apologize for the mess. Therefore, be genuine. Do not start giving a lot of excuses. If you give explanations, you may seem to be just interested in justifying that what you did was not under your control and remember this would hurt further. The best way to go about it is simply to go directly to quote what you posted and say sorry about it.

Make it brief

Do not make a further drama about the negative post that you have already posted on the media. Be concise in making an apology. If you posted the negative stuff on Facebook, apologized on Facebook. Do not go about apologizing in all other social media platform. You will miss the point. Remember already the person you are apologizing for is not happy about the whole thing, he or she may not even be willing to read your letter. Therefore, make it as brief as possible so that at a glance, he or she can get it that you are sorry.

Be sure to learn a lesson

Social media sometimes can be so nagging. That which you did and would not want to be reminded is what it will tell you almost yearly. The remedy for this is that you should learn your lesson from the negative thing you posted so that someday when you get reminded, it does not hurt you. At least it taught you something.

Sample apology letter for posting something negative on social media

Dear Smith,

I am sincerely sorry for what I posted on Facebook last week. It attracted negative comments about you, which I believe got you mad at me. I do not have an excuse what I did by I feel horrible deep down me. I ought not to have made our disagreement public.

Kindly let me know if there is something I can do to pay it back to you. I wanted to apologize publicly on Facebook, but I think it can cause more harm than now. Already people have a bad image of you, which is eating me up. I may not deserve your forgiveness. I feel this is going to cause a permanent end to our relationship. Whatever the result, kindly be informed that I am sorry and will never do such a thing to you again.




Sample apology letter for being rude on social media

Dear Smith,

I am sorry for responding rudely for your post about the state of the nation on development on 3rd July 2019. It was so wrong of me to let you know this side of me. I did delete it, but it has attracted 250 comments, and thus a good number of your friends had to doubt my reputation. I value your place in my life, but this rude post has made me lose it all.

Kindly find it in your heart to forgive me. If there is anything I can do to pay for it, kindly let me know. Remember the many enjoyable moments that we have always had together and given me a chance to be your friend again. I am sorry. I promise never to respond in the same manner back to you.

Than you