Apology for Not Leaving a Tip (Format & Sample Letter)

Apology letter for not leaving a tip is a letter written by a client to a service provider to express regret for not leaving a tip. It is a means of putting down in words how you are feeling and trying to make a positive change from a negative action. The mistake is corrected by putting in words how you felt for not leaving the tip and correcting the mistake by enclosing the tip in the letter. It is not easy to put it down on paper.

Using a sample letter is the best way to make things easy and simpler.

Apology Letter Format for Not Leaving a Tip

Dear {name},

I {state the event where you received services} at your establishment on {state date} and I was happy about the services you provided.

However, I realized way later after getting home that I forgot to leave a gratuity. I am so sorry for that.

I have enclosed {state the amount}. I will really appreciate if you would pass this tip to my {service provider} that I believed is named {state the name}. If I am mistaken please distribute the amount among your service staff.

Thank you very much for your services. I really appreciated and look forward to visiting again soon.



Sample Apology Letter for Not Leaving a Tip

Dear Dickson,

I stayed in your hotel between 14th and 18th May 2017 and I received the best services from all the staff members of the hotel. However, I just realized upon arriving home that I did not leave a tip for the team who was attending to me. I am very sorry for that.

I have enclosed $300 to be distributed among the members of staff who served me during my stay. Kindly give $100 to the front desk, $100 to the housekeeper, $50 to the kitchen staff and $50 to the dining staff. Let them know that I really appreciated the services.

I look forward to visiting again very soon.

Best regards,


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