Apology for Construction Noise

At times during construction, you usually find yourself making noise for the people around you. You might not stop the construction, but you can at least apologize to the affected people. By doing this, you are showing the willingness to take responsibility for what happened. If you don’t apologize, you might be seen as an inconsiderate person who does not mind others.

Apology for construction noise letter format

Dear (name),

I am sorry for the construction noise that I cause for the last (specify a duration). I know it interfered with (specify by giving a list). I am sorry for that.

I did not plan to cause such in convinces. The noise was as a result of (specify). However, the construction is over, and I don’t intend to construct any other thing soon. Kindly forgive me.


Apology for construction noise letter sample

Dear neighbors,

I am sorry for the construction noise that has been coming from my house for the last week. I know that it affected your sleep, studies, and work in your houses. I was renovating my house, and I felt it should be done day and night to have it finished within a short time.

The construction is, however, over, and I am not planning to do any more building soon. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope you understand.

Regards Smith