Apology for Bad Job of House Sitting

Apology for the bad job of house sitting is a letter you write to your boss, for not taking good care of his or her property. It is critical that you write such a letter in honor of the trust that your boss, gave you but which you did not value.

Such a message will help build back the lost trust.

How to write an apology for the bad job of house sitting

  • Express remorse. Show some remorse for your lousy job. It is not the time for giving up excuses. Show that you are sorry and longing for forgiveness.
  • Take responsibility. Do not blame your boss or any other person. Acknowledge that it was your responsibility to do this and that but which you failed to do.
  • Make amends. If there is anything you can do to mend the situation, go by that. This happens only after taking the responsibility of your fault. Do not let any other thing to find its way back to normal naturally.
  • Make a promise of change. An apology is never an apology if you do not promise a change of heart and mind. Therefore. Promise that what you did will never happen given more chance and responsibility.

Sample Apology Letter for Bad House Sitting

Dear Smith,

I am pretty sorry for not holding onto the trust that you placed on me as your house sitter. You entrusted me with your property, but smilingly I did not accord to it the value that it deserved. If I did, we would not be talking about the lost dog. I got asleep without closing the doors, something that made your dog disappear. I am sorry for the loss.

I would wish to know what can work well as my compensation to you. I have decided to use all means to find out where the dog went to. I am doing a few posters to help me on the same. You can withhold my wages for this month until I get the dog. If there is any more thing that I can do kindly let me know.