Apology for Bad Driving (Format & Sample Letter)

Apology for bad driving is a polite way of expressing regret over bad driving. The circumstances that may lead to bad driving are when someone is in a rush to go somewhere and end up risking their security as well as the security of others. Another case that could lead to bad driving is when someone has not mastered the driving skill.

When you find yourself in such a situation and decide to apologize, it is better to use a sample letter to avoid doing it in the wrong way.

Apology Letter Format for Bad Driving

Dear person on the freeway,

I hope you get to read this. I was driving a {car type} and you were driving the {car type}. I was behind you and merged improperly which was a great risk to both of us.

I now see how easy it is to cause an accident that could lead to something even worse. This caught me up in trying to rush home to pick my daughter who was unwell. All my thoughts were on getting to her in the fastest way possible.

I want you to know that I am sorry about this action. It has awakened me to be more alert on the road despite the situation I could be in.

Again, I am very sorry for this inconsiderate behavior.



Sample Apology Letter for Bad Driving

{Your name}


Dear {name}

I have tried to see if there was another way, I could get to you, but it seems writing is the only way. We were on the same road on Saturday evening. I was driving behind you and all over sudden I cut you off which was too risky to both of us.

I was rushing to the office to see a client and all my attention was on getting there on time so that I may not lose the client. I am sorry that my work interest almost put all of us in danger of getting a bad accident. I have learnt from this mistake and have resolved to be careful when am driving to avoid putting others and myself at risk.

Please accept my apologies and forgive my negligence on the road.