Apology Email for Late Submission: Format & Sample

Apology Email for Late Submission: Format & Sample

An apology email is an email that is written by a person that is in agreement that they did wrong by failing to do or doing that which was contrary to terms of an agreement in a specific setting. An apology email should be sent when one is sure that it is the best way to pass information to the involved person.

It is, however, advisable not to do send an apology email every other time. This would depict some insecurity or weakness.

Email Format

When writing an apology email, it is important to take into consideration the following basics that any apology should effectively convey:

  • Apologizing as soon as possible
  • Avoiding excuses take responsibility
  • Explain how you’ll fix it
  • Following through
  • Considering the method to use.

Subject: (Apology for submitting the project many days after the deadline)

(Leave 1 line gap)

Respected Sir/Madam,

In this section, write to explain that you’re sorry for the failure to submit the project within the timelines you were supposed to submit. On the mail, briefly outline the reason for failing to meet the deadline and explain that you’re remorseful for failure to stick to the deadline and that you’ve put a measure in place to evade a similar occurrence. Finally, seek the forgiveness of the person you’re writing to promising not to repeat the mistake.

(Leave 1 line gap)

Indicate here that you’re grateful.

Yours faithfully,

(Your sign)


Sample Apology Email for Late Submission of Documents

This is an apology mail that is sent to express that the writer is concerned that he or she did wrong by submitting the documents past the set deadline. The apology email should express the individual’s willingness to accept his or her mistake in addition to remaining as professional as possible.

Here is an example of an apology email for late submission of documents

Subject: Apology for Submitting the Companies Business Permit a day after the Expected Day

Respected Sir,

This is to express that I am sorry for having brought the business permit a day after the day I was supposed to. This was caused by my failure to ensure every detail in the document had been finalized. I had to revisit the ministry offices the following day to have one of the sections signed before bringing the document. I am utterly sorry and do accept it was my mistake. I earnestly seek your forgiveness and promise this will not occur again.

Kindly bear with me

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


Mr. Richards