How to Apologize When You Don’t Mean It

A big part of life, especially in relationships and companionship is learning to apologize in the right way. An even bigger part of a successful family or business relationship is learning to apologize even when you are not 100% sorry. Everyone in a successful work or family relationship will tell you that sometimes, it is not about who is at fault, it is about who makes things right. This does not mean that you are taking the blame, it simply shows that you are putting aside your own pride and taking an initiative to live in peace with that person. So how to you fake an apology to that one person whom you try to be most honest with? Below is a brief guide.

Figure out your priorities

The plain truth is, there is always the art of disagreement. Relationships can be messy, and sometimes it is not easy to understand or agree with the other persons point of view. When it gets to this point, you have to carefully weigh down your priorities and settle for what is right for your relationship. If the other person indeed plays a big role in your life, then you should apologize for even the slightest disagreements that threaten your relationship. Sometimes we do not apologize because we are definitely right but where does that get us? A prolonged fight or even loosing a good job. In such cases you should consider putting the issue behind you and focus on spending quality and peaceful time with people who matter in your life.

Lie is not a lie when it comes to saving something

The trick lies in realizing that apologizing even when you don’t mean it in order to save a relationship is not considered as lying. It does not qualify as betrayal either. As a matter of fact, this will further strengthen your relationship and bring you much closer together. It is simply being in a relationship.

Understand the situation

Sit down and carefully decide what you are about to apologize for then state it as plainly as possible. An open ended apology that leaves the other person thinking that you are taking blame for something you did not do, will not end the disagreement. Most likely, it will escalate the bitterness instead. Therefore, try to show grace to the person you are in a disagreement with and apologize for the part you played that lead to the offense.

Make it Convincing

If you intend on expressing the apology though writing, be careful not to use insincere words. Instead try to show regret for the feelings the other person incurred out of the situation. This will show that you did not intend to hurt the feelings of the other person.

Decide the perfect time to apologize

It is not right to apologize right in the middle of an argument because this makes it seem insincere. Wait for the other person to calm down then express how sorry you are. Approaching them when they are angry will only agitate them further.

Move on

Once you are done apologizing, move on and try not to think about it. Get back to your relationship and avoid keeping this less than genuine apology in your mind because you are most likely to throw it out the next time you are in a fight.