How to apologize for missed interview – Email & Letter

So, you had an interview slotted for 11 AM, Monday. At 10 AM on Monday morning you realize that you won’t be able to make it for the interview. You panic! You rush to grab your phone. Thankfully, you have the employer’s/HR personnel’s contact details. Your immediate damage-control is by calling the concerned person and apologizing on the phone. While that might seem like the right thing to do at that moment, it is far more appropriate.

As a matter of social etiquette, should you find yourself in such a situation like this – Instead of grabbing the phone it is always advisable to take a more professional route. Instead of a phone call, it is recommended to apologize via an apology letter for a missed appointment or an email. ​

How to Write Apology Letter or Email for Missed Interview

When you realize that you have missed an appointment, it is important to immediately without any dilly-dallying send an apology email or letter to the employer. Here, timing is crucial. An immediate apology email is timelier as compared to a letter. The timeliness of this action reflects two things –

  1. You are genuine.
  2. You care about your professional appointments. Taking ownership of your mistake is the right approach for this situation. Expressing your sincerest apology in a professional manner is the right tone for the email/letter.

Key Components of An Apology Email/Letter

  • ​Contact Details – It is important to draft an apology email which begins with your correct contact details.
  • Subject Line Details (for Email) – The subject line should help the employer trace your application immediately.
  • The body of The Letter/Email – Directly get to the point and apologize in the most honest and sincerest manner.
  • Interview Details & Other Information – An employer has several candidate applications and emails that keep pouring in. State your exact interview date and time so that the employer can trace your data.
  • Reason – This is the most important part of your email. It has to be reasonable. If you write a long paragraph on your reason you may come across unprofessional. Keep the tone of the reason precise, concise and friendly. It is also advisable to state why you still think that you are the ideal candidate for the job. Show some confidence in yourself.
  • ​Rescheduling – After you have apologized, state your intention of rescheduling the interview. Make the rescheduling as per the convenient for the employer.

So, what makes for an ideal apology letter for missed appointment – Let’s give you a sample

Sample Apology Letter/Email to Employer for Missed Interview

Date: [00 / 00 / 0000]

Name of The Sender

Address of The Sender


Name Of Employer

Address Of Employer’s Organization (Where the interview was supposed to take place)

Subject (If Email): Your Name – Interview Details (Date & Time)

Dear Mr. ABC,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest apology for missing my interview on (Mention Date & Time). While there is no reason good enough for me to miss this momentous appointment, yet I did due to an accident that happened in front me. I was stuck in traffic for over an hour while on the way to your office. I realized that one can never predict unseen circumstances, I should have thought ahead and left my home much earlier.

Timeliness is Godliness – In order to grow and progress in life, it is important to value each other’s time. I apologize for having wasted your time. With that being said, I also understand that being punctual in all circumstances is of utmost importance, and to notify you ahead of time if there are any delays. I am currently, looking at making sure that this does not ever repeat again.

While this act may have demonstrated my utmost lack of professionalism, I request you to give me another opportunity. I would be thrilled if we can reschedule the interview with you for the position of XXX. Lastly, despite my prior debacle, I am confident that my extensive resume, skills, and knowledge makes me the ideal candidate your prestigious organization. I will get in touch with you again later this week to check on the rescheduled date and time. Again, Heartfelt apologies. I am looking forward to meeting you and your team at the earliest.

Best Regards,
[First Name]
[Contact No]
[Email ID]

Other Advice

  • An apology letter for missed appointment must be professional & unique. This is perhaps your last chance in trying to rectify your mistake. Choosing the words appropriately and formatting the letter appropriate is crucial.
  • One should not come across as someone who is mincing words or is rambling about the apology. Clearly stating the reason for your absence along with a heartfelt sorry is the right approach.
  • Be reasonable with your apology by stating that you “tried your level best”.
  • Furthermore, there are no rooms for mistakes in an apology email or letter. Make sure that you proofread each and every sentence and avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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