Announcement Letter (With Format & Samples)

Announcement letters are used for a variety of personal or business applications. For instance, in business you may find the need to announce an upcoming event. This can be anything from a clearance sale to a banquet honoring a co-worker. On the personal side, announcement letters can be used to announce the birth of a child, or wedding. As there is such a wide variety of uses for composing an announcement letter, it can get confusing when it comes to writing one.

This is why we utilize sample announcement letters, to help give us an idea of what to include to suite each letters purpose.

How to Write an Announcement Letter

  • Create an outline – Not everyone loves to write, and some just are not very good at it. This is why creating an outline for your announcement letter can be so important. An outline functions to help you get your main ideas on paper, arranging them, until everything in in the proper order. When you begin your outline, it helps to think of it as transforming your ideas into words.
  • Rough draft – Once you’ve got your main ideas down pat in the outline, it’s time to create your first draft. Depending on the letter, you may have more than one draft, and it’s ok. The point of a rough draft is to get the ideas you laid out in your outline, into proper, short and concise paragraphs, so take your time here. Once you feel you’ve created a solid announcement letter, proceed to proofread it for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.
  • Use company letterhead – All announcement letters need to be written on an organizations, company or groups professional letterhead. Also, to keep printing costs down, please keep your announcement letter limited to one page. This is especially true if your organization wishes to publish it and send hard copies out to members of the organization or employees.
  • Use bullet points if necessary – Depending on the type of announcement letter you may need to single out important facts using bullet points. Remember, you want your announcement letter to stand out, to attract the readers attention. In such cases, bullet points, using bold or even a slightly different font size can help in getting your announcement the attention it deserves.
  • Attend to your goals – Each type of announcement letter will have its own goal, no two will ever be exactly alike. For instance, a letter announcing a wedding will be much different than one announcing a white sale. In a white sale, you are creating a message to help build customer confidence in your brand, whereas when you announce a family event, you’re bringing loved ones together.
  • Information is key – You are writing this letter to inform the recipients of an event, whether it’s a promotion, wedding announcement or business change. Be sure to provide enough relevant details to explain the situation clearly, without including unnecessary items.
  • Proper use of phrases – Formal business etiquette should be used at all times, especially if this relates to a promotion or business venture where you’ll be addressing vendors, investors and/or employees. Make certain that you use the correct opening salutations, letter format and closings. Also, steer clear of using contractions. For example, instead of “don’t” use “do not”. Finally, keep the language upbeat and optimistic, as such language will engage them and encourage them to read further.
  • Don’t distract with poor formatting – No matter how organized your outline and ideas, if the letter is formatted in a sloppy way, it will distract the reader. They may even wonder why they should even pay attention to the letter at all, if the sender cannot do basic formatting. If you stick with basic business block style, you can’t go wrong.
  • Use the appropriate salutation and closing – For a salutation, it should meet the following format:Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. James:Here, we have their title, last name and colon. For the closing, keep it formal and select either Sincerely or Yours truly.
  • Overall tone – Keep the overall tone of the letter professional, optimistic and gracious. Just because it is a professional letter, does not mean you need to sound like a robot. Be professional, yet upbeat, depending on the type of announcement letter it is. Remember to show gratitude to your reader, and appreciation for their involvement, if any. Here are a few examples:
  • Thank you for your time
  • We appreciate your support
  • We wish your prosperity in the coming year
  • Sections or paragraphs – Each section is single-spaced, with double-spacing in between sections. For formal letters dealing with business, each section should begin at the left, using business block letter format. In all other cases, you may position your contact information, date, recipient information either at the left, center or right.
  • First paragraph – This is introducing the recipient to the event, with the first sentence stating what the letter is about.We at [insert your organization’s name] are pleased to announce that we have recently been certified [# years] by [insert certification body here].
  • Second paragraph – Additional information as required.This is an important milestone in the continuing growth and success of our company. This certification shows our commitment to giving you the best possible service available. Certification by [insert certification body here] is proof positive of our dedication in attaining these standards and our determination to achieve.
  • Third paragraph – Good wishes, contact information, etc.We are pleased to have met the criteria and look forward to serving you in the future. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at [your contact information]. We wish you and yours a prosperous and happy year.

Formal Announcement Letter Format

The block business style format is the basic format for all announcement letters. This gives your letter a nice, clean look and increases readability.
Your NameYour Address

Email or Phone


Recipient’s Name

Recipient’s Address

Reference or Subject

Dear Recipient

First Paragraph – Introduces the announcement. Contains any specific details or event information

Second Paragraph – Additional information as required

Third Paragraph – Gesture of satisfaction

Closing – Sincerely, Yours truly,

Handwritten signature

Typed first and last name

Your title or position, if any

Encl – Alerts the recipient of any enclosed documents

Informal/Email Announcement Letter Format

nformal announcement letter formats can be used for personal announcements, such as a children’s birthday party, or when you are sending an email version.
DateRecipient’s Name


Dear Recipient

First Paragraph – Announcement of the meeting, event or occasion.

Second Paragraph – Relevant details describing the meeting, event or occasion, such as dates, locations, directions.

Third Paragraph – Wishing the recipient good will.

Closing – Sincerely, Yours truly

Optional signature – if this is email you may use an electronic signature.

Your first and last name.

Sample Campaign Announcement Letter
File Format
  • PDF

Retirement Announcement Letter
File Format
  • PDF

Real Estate Announcement Letter
File Format
  • PDF

Promotion Announcement Letter

File Format
  • MS Word

Price Reduction Announcement Letter
File Format
  • PDF

New Product Announcement Letter
File Format
  • MS Word

Death Announcement Letter
File Format
  • PDF

Business Announcement Letter

File Format
  • PDF

Award Announcement Letter
File Format
  • PDF

Tips for Writing an Announcement Letter

  • Proofread and edit – No matter how well organized, a letter which contains errors will be dismissed by most recipients. So, after you’re finished, proofread and edit. When you proofread you are looking for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Editing refers to looking through the letter and eliminating the irrelevant items while adding more pertinent items.If you don’t feel competent enough to do either, then have someone else read it, or use one of the many free, online spell/punctuation/grammar checkers available. If you are required to print out hard copies, then use a good quality grade paper, especially if the announcement is professional and meaningful.
  • Keep it brief and concise – Make an effort to keep anything unrelated to the topic out of your letter. These extra elements will distract from your purpose. Also, keep it brief, use simple short sentences, and stick to the topic. Many of these free, online grammar checkers also include a readability scale, which tells you if your letter is easy to understand.
  • Include all details – This is particularly important, as you don’t wish to be bothered later with unnecessary questions. For instance, if this is to announce a meeting, and you forget to enter the time, you’ll definitely be answering many, many emails and taking calls just on that alone.
  • Handling bad news – In case your letter is needed to announce bad news, do it as kindly as possible. As difficult as it may be, please try to keep the message optimistic, gracious and offer your assistance if possible.

Types of Announcement Letter

Below we’ve included some announcement letter types. As you can see, each type has it’s own requirements. By examining different announcement letter samples, you can learn by observation, how to structure your own letter.

Certification Announcement Letter

Certification announcement letters are written after an individual, group or organization meets the requirements of a Personnel Certification body. Once you meet their criteria, you are certified. Certification bodies include the International ISO, European EN, and National SFS Standards.
  • Make sure you speak about the certification in a technically correct way. One which describes the certification in a way everyone can understand.
  • Don’t use generalized terms, such as “ISO Certification”. Instead use the proper term that reflects your personal situation, such as “ISO 9001:2016 Certification”.
  • Mention the registrar, “Acme Chemicals is proud to announce it has received the ISO 9001:2016 Certification from LMNOP Registrar”.
  • Notify the registrar before you send out your announcement letter, so they can make certain it is accurate.

Specify the scope of the certification, “ACME Manufacturing announces that it is certified to ISO 9001 for the manufacture of clock gears.”

Announcement Letter for Meeting

Meetings are part of the corporate culture. As such, they occur quite often and are important ways for people of various departments to come together to communicate and share their ideas. Since they are so important, remember to create and send the announcement letter at a time convenient to those invited to the meeting.
  • Begin the letter by stating the reason for the meeting.
  • Include the time and place of the meeting. If it makes it easier, use the 5 W’s as a guide: Who, what, why, where and when.
  • If this is to be a conference call, remember to state the details.
  • Since meetings are important, include any ‘negatives’ which may result in non-attendance. For instance, if people don’t attend, the company might not meet its quota, so no holiday bonuses.
  • State any particulars that participants will need. For instance, will they need to bring any sort of files, or departmental data?
  • Request an RSVP.
  • Will any of the participants be required to give a presentation?

Announcement Letter of New Business

Businesses thrive on communication, and if you are opening up a new business, then consider this letter as a way to introduce yourself to potential clients. Here, you are describing your new business in order to gain customers and investors. Consider this a way for you to reach out, a way to establish a personal connection with your customer.
  • Use the letter to your advantage in establishing a positive relationship with potential clients/customers.
  • Include only relevant facts such as time and location of the grand opening.
  • Depending on the type of business, mention any specials, coupons, deals available for new customers.
  • Always remember, that this letter is directed solely to the customer.
  • Be friendly and inviting, almost as if you were speaking face to face.

Announcement Letter for New Service

These letters are for established businesses who are offering a new service. For instance, perhaps a neighborhood mechanic is now offering brake jobs, or perhaps a local bakery is now offering vegan baked goods. This way, they are looking to widen their client base by offering them a wider selection of choices.
  • Keep in mind you’re writing to the customer, so keep it a friendly, welcoming and warm experience.
  • This is meant to create a personal one-on-one connection to the customer, so it’s a good idea to use the mail merge function in word to personalize your bulk mailings.
  • Describe the new service in detail.
  • Mention the date and time this new service will take effect.
  • Include any deals, coupons, sales or other incentives that are involved in the introduction of this new service. For instance, “20 percent off of new, vegan birthday cakes from no until Feb. 14, 2019.”

Final Thoughts

Composing the perfect announcement letter can be a bit tricky at times. After all, you are required to be formal, gracious, personable, and loud all at the same time. To help get you over this hump, take advantage of using sample letters as often as possible. Remember to only include relevant information in your letter, to keep it short and brief, while maintaining an easy to read format. If your letter is not readable, then it will most likely be tossed aside. We are confident that by following our guidelines above, you’ll be able to craft a suitable, relevant and correctly formatted announcement letter for yourself, your organization or business.

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