Anniversary Letter to Wife (Example & Template)

An anniversary letter to wife is basically a short communique that serves to remind the wife of the day when the two started living as a couple. Such a memory is critical insofar as rekindling the love is concerned. It is important hence to dedicate some time to learn about the letter in totality.

From time to time, it is always important for a couple to relive they started living as a husband and a wife. Such steps do rekindle the love and the passion that there was at the beginning of the marriage. They also serve to bolster the friendship and breathe a fresh lease of life on the marriage.

We dedicate the entire length and breadth of this article to examine all that pertains to the letter. In pursuance of this, we endeavor to provide all the steps, details, and the necessary support you need to know to be able to draft a high-quality letter of this kind that serves its purpose.

What to Include in the Anniversary Letter to Wife

While drafting this letter, it is important to include the following details or pieces of information:

  • Name of Wife – It is always good to start it out by identifying your way out. Call her by her name in order that you may make the letter a little bit more personal. Also, calling her name out is a sure way of preventing any unnecessary ambiguities.
  • Salutation – Proceed now to open the letter by way of greeting. While at this, you are asked to use endearing terms to greet her. These include such kinds of words as ‘Sweetie,’ ‘Honey,’ and ‘Dear,’ to name but a few!
  • The Exact Anniversary – Which exact anniversary is it that you would want your wife to reminisce? Is it a wedding, proposal, engagement, or solemnization? You have to be specific here yet again to avoid any form of ambiguities from arising.
  • The Date when the Wedding Happened – Go ahead now to specify when exactly that event happened for the first time. Also, state how long the two of you have been together and which exact anniversary this is that you are celebrating.
  • Compliments – Leave a paragraph or two to compliment the wife on the milestone you have attained as a couple. That is to cheer her up and also open up room for further engagements going forward.
  • Statement of Future Hope – After compliment your wife, you should give a brief statement of future hope. Put differently, what exactly would you wish to continue happening in light of the anniversary going forward?
  • Closure – Bring the letter to a closure hereafter belaboring every issue at hand. You may also append your signature and place a date beside it for future references.

Anniversary Letter to Wife (Format)

We provide a format or template here below that may offer the starting point you need to draft a quality letter thereafter:

Dear {wife’s name}

I would wish to let you know that today {mm/dd/yyyy} marks the {number of anniversaries} anniversary since we got together as a couple. The exact even happened in {date when you first got together as a couple}.

Of course, I am quite thrilled by how far we have managed to come and the good times we have shared all along. Going forward, I hope that we shall only deepen our bonds and friendships.

I eagerly await to hear your response soon!


{Your Name}

Sample Anniversary Letter to Wife

Let us now leave you with a sample letter below to drive the point home:

Dear Mrs. Diane Holloway,

Just to jog your memory a little bit, today Friday, January 1, 2021, marks exactly 15 years ever since we started living together as a husband and a wife. (The precise event happened on January 1st, 2006 after our successful church wedding.)

I must admit that over the last 15 years, you have been a warm, charming, and welcoming spouse to me. Indeed, I have lived to cherish every moment we have shared jointly.

Looking ahead, I hope that you shall continue being the good spouse you have been and even make me more comfortable than you have.

Wishing you all the best going forward with lots of love,


Mr. Stephen Holloway

Anniversary Letter to Wife (Word Template)

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There you have it! We are now truly confident that you have the insight you now need to appreciate this letter better and to make the most of it. Is it too much of asking to now ask you to move hastily and implement the eye-opening insights we have generously provided above?

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