Sample Anniversary Letter for Boyfriend (with Template)

A lot can happen between two romantic partners in one year, especially ones in an exclusive relationship. Without an anniversary, the successes and failures of the previous year can flash by and meld into the next, never to be celebrated or remembered. This is why it is essential to mark the passing of every year by sending your significant other a well-crafted anniversary letter.

An anniversary letter to the boyfriend is an informal message sent to your romantic partner to mark the day you met or became an official couple. It serves to affirm your commitment to them as well as commemorate an important milestone.

Here is everything you need to know to draft this letter.

What to Include in an Anniversary Letter

Nearly every couple in the world celebrates their anniversary in one way or another. Of all the people who sent anniversary letters this year, what makes you stand out? If you dropped your letter in a pile, would your boyfriend be able to pick it out?

When it comes to drafting an anniversary letter, the key is specificity and personalization. Here is a detailed list of everything your letter should include:


Do you live with your boyfriend or will you have to mail your letter? The answer to this question will determine whether you include a mailing address in your letter. Once this is done, you can go ahead and make the greeting as catchy as possible.


Understandably, the body of your letter is the most crucial part of your message. This is where you get to recap the year, appreciate your boyfriend, and anticipate the future of your relationship. As such, your letter’s body should include the following details:

  • Exact things your boyfriend does for which you are grateful
  • A specific reason this particular anniversary is special
  • A statement about how your boyfriend’s presence in your life impacts you
  • A summary of the year’s good and bad times
  • A personal or inside joke or anecdote
  • A hopeful statement about the future


By now, you have said everything you wanted to say to your boyfriend. A good closing will ensure your sentiments are well received and remembered. Close with a cheerful greeting, personalized message, and positive sentiment about the future.

Writing Tips for an Anniversary Letter

It is easy to get flustered over how to draft an anniversary letter. You might worry that your prose is not flowery or poetic enough or that your message won’t come across as you want it to. Fortunately, all you need are some pointers to get you through your draft.

When drafting your letter, take heed of the following writing tips:

• Use a happy and appreciative tone in your letter.

• Use specific examples when appreciating your boyfriend, e.g., thank you for staying up with me when I had a migraine last week.

• Focus more on the positive things that happened the previous year

• Use simple language and speak from the heart with honesty.

• Avoid exaggerating your stories.

• Personalize your letter with inside jokes, nicknames, and anecdotes

Anniversary Letter for Boyfriend (Format)


Dear {Boyfriend’s Name},

Happy anniversary! Today marks the {number, e.g., forth} year since we officially became a couple. More than an anniversary, today is {explain what the day represents to you as a couple}.

The last {duration, e.g., four years} have been {add a brief recollection of the past in your own words}. We have {mention some happy moments}, which I enjoyed immensely. Despite all odds, we have also overcome, {briefly mention some setbacks and how you overcame them}.

I am grateful for {highlight your boyfriend’s strengths and positive qualities}. I want you to know that I love you even when {add a short inside joke or anecdote}.

I hope the future brings {insert positive sentiments about the future} and I hope to share it all with you.

Happy anniversary {term of endearment}.

With love,

{Your Name}

Sample 1st Anniversary Letter for Boyfriend

7 December 2030

Dear Joe,

Can you believe we’ve been official for a year today? It feels like yesterday when you drove into my car shop looking to fix a flat tire and asked me out. If I remember correctly, you said, ‘how about you and I take this car for a test drive?’ You were so corny.

This past year has been beyond amazing, especially the round-the-world tours. I particularly loved our time in London visiting all the theatres and museums, even though I fell sick. You were charming, kind, loving, and understanding the entire time. Thank you.

I know that this year has had its downs. I appreciate how mature you were whenever we fought by seeking me out to have a conversation.

As we look forward to the next year, I promise to be loyal and attentive to your cheesy movies.

I love you.


Sample 2nd Anniversary Letter for Boyfriend

7 December 2030

Dear Luke,

Today marks the second year since you asked me to be your boyfriend, and I said yes. I can’t believe how far we’ve come and grown as individuals and as a couple. As we commemorate this special day, I would like you to know that I love and appreciate you.

The past two years have not been a walk in the park. Besides getting to know each other, quirks and all, we also had to struggle with my cancer diagnosis and treatment. I cannot thank you enough for being a constant shoulder to lean on.

I have enjoyed every single day spent with you, from lazy movie days to wild nights out. I am confident that the future will be that much great, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Happy second anniversary.

With Love


Anniversary Letter for Boyfriend (Word Template)

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Bottom Line

While your boyfriend likely knows you appreciate them, it is always nice to acknowledge them through a letter. Always adopt a loving and cheerful tone when drafting your anniversary letter to your boyfriend. It is also vital to personalize your message by including an inside joke or anecdote so that the letter doesn’t sound cliché or copied.

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