AF IMT Form 1168: Statement of Suspect/Witness/Complainant

Legal actions require detailed documentation that offers a summary of key issues. The documents enhance litigation through compliance and records. The Air Force is one sector that requires specialized forms such as the AF IMT Form 1168. We delve into what you need to know about Form 1168 and its essence in the legal world.

What is AF IMT Form 1168?

AF IMT Form 1168 is a legal form by the U.S Air Force Information Management Tool that essentially serves as a witness statement and the basis of any legal action that ensues. The legal document provides senior officials with a comprehensive summary of the details they’ll use to evaluate rights, infringements and recommend a potential cause of action.

Also, AF Form 1168 is used to take a victim statement. You may download these forms from official Security Forces websites or find a template online. AF 1168 templates are customizable forms you fill out and print. Templates save the hassle of designing a new form from scratch. However, since every case is unique, you may find an AF 1168 template devoid of key aspects pivotal to successful legal action. What then are the key requirements for an AF IMT Form 1168?

Essential Elements of AF Form 1168

Key details of Form 1168 vary from situation to situation. However, there are some essentials a typical Form 1168 doesn’t lack. Essentials include:

  • Date and time the statement is taken
  • Suspect or witness complaint section. You will mark the section that applies to your statement. An X is the recommended mark to make in the box.
  • Repetitive offense or complaint section. If the occurrence is a repeat offense or complaint, mark the relevant box.
  • Location where the statement is taken.
  • Name and social security number of the complainant or witness.
  • Name and staff of the officials to be informed about the issue.
  • Grade of action of the officer and standard office symbol.
  • Telephone contact. Both home and duty phone numbers.
  • Unit taking statement
  • Acknowledgment section of the advisory officer and the recommended action. Usually, an officer indicates on what ground the recommended action is deemed fit and what rights the suspect violated or did not.
  • Signature of the witness
  • Signature of the suspect

A standard AF Form 1168 usually has the above essentials. However, since the legal form is a comprehensive document, other sections describe the reasons for a specific action. Obtaining an AF Form 1168 from verified Security Forces sites is advisable to avoid legal repercussions from ill-documented statements.

How to Fill Out Form 1168

AF 1168 can be either a witness statement or a victim/complainant statement. However, whatever the type of statement it is, you need to write within the margins and if you have any continuation, write it out in the plain bond paper. The form has six sections that you must duly fill to your best knowledge.

  • Fill the personal identification section with your name, address, social security number, date and place of birth, and mobile number.
  • Fill the statement section, mark the appropriate box, and include the date and time you take the statement. Do not leave any relevant section blank.
  • The third section entails the acknowledgment of offenses, rights, and advisory sections. A senior officer usually fills this and indicates the rank of the advising officer, legal offenses, and identity of the individual in the statement. You will then fill out the witness or victim signature under the section that applies to you. It is important to note if you can’t fill out the form and indicate who will fill it out on your behalf. Indicate the number of pages in chronological order and sign again where applicable.
  • The fifth section is the statement section from the security forces. A security force member will evaluate if the statement answers six primary questions: the why, where, how, when, what, and who. Once the statement is conclusive, write “///End of Statement///” after the last line of the text. If you want to add any changes, you will have to reopen the form.
  • The final section is the section of the oath that includes the signatures of all individuals relevant to the statement. The witness, the person administering the oath, the person making the statement should all sign. Sign only where the section applies to you.
  • Make copies of AF Form 1168 for future references.

Filling out an AF Form 1168 requires you to read through and understand the vital aspects you need to fill out in the statement. However, with the digital age, there are form 1168 templates that make life easier. Start with a template and fill out the details. Ensure there are no errors; print it and sign it for a more personalized touch. A security officer may also assist you in filling out the form. You must double-check the whole document, whether printed or handwritten.


Am I In Trouble If I Receive An AF Form 1168?

It depends on the perspective. Did you recently have an altercation with someone? If someone takes out a complaint against you, an AF Form 1168 informs you of the charges, and the next course of action should be to lawyer up or fill a written statement. You can as always jump ship, though, but the legal ramifications can be dire.

Where do I get AF Form 1168?

You can get the official form from security forces websites such as the Air Force. However, there are downloadable templates for the same form. Remember to use PDF-friendly viewers and editors to avoid missing out on the form essentials.

Can I have someone fill out the form for me?

You need to indicate who is filling the form for you and why. But it is good practice to fill out the form yourself since only you can give the best recollection of the details in your statement.


AF Form 1168 is a witness or victim statement. Therefore, you need to fill it out correctly. The above 6-step procedure forms the basis of how you will fill out the form. Always remember to check whether you signed all the relevant areas. Subtle mismatches in the signature could jeopardize the form’s validity. Double-check your form before submitting it or downloading it.

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