Adjustment Letter “Saying No” (Template & Example)

Nobody is perfect, so at one point, you might make an error in the delivery of services to your customers. Should this happen, the right step to take would be to write an adjustment letter. This is a business letter written to the clients in response to a particular complaint or claim. It’s usually written by a business representative or the company’s manager.

This letter aims to a large extent to address any concerns that your client might have had. For example, the delivery of faulty equipment, wrong deliveries, incorrect number of items requested, or faults with the products delivered.

With that said, it’s not your fault every time you deliver products that aren’t working correctly to your customers. Conversely, it might be the client’s mistake for not using the product correctly or going over the instructions. But as you do this, never directly accuse the client of their actions or else destroy your company’s reputation.

Therefore, it’s clear that this is a delicate letter to write so we’ll take you through the steps to follow when writing one.

Steps for Writing an Adjustment Letter “Saying No”

While writing the adjustment letter, you should follow a couple of steps to avoid being misunderstood by your clients. Here’s an overview of the steps to follow;

Write a Salutation

When a client is complaining about a product you delivered, they most likely mentioned their names. Therefore, you should start writing the adjustment letter by addressing the person directly. As you do this, it’s important to make sure you spell out their names correctly.

Write an Introduction

Even if the client is complaining about a product you delivered, it’s essential that your first sentence have a positive note. While doing this, express your regret for the issue and that you’re happy that they got in touch once they found an issue. You should also mention the date when you received your client’s complaint letter to let them know you’re responding to their grievance.

As you write this letter, it’s best to go into too much detail about the contents of the complaint. In addition, try as much as possible to not use words such as “claim” or “complaint” as this might sound as the client might feel as though you’re accusing them. Instead, you should intelligently state that you’ve received the letter from the company.

Write the Letter’s Main Section

In this section, you should start by reiterating the customer’s grievance or claim so that they know you’ve clearly understood their problem. As you do this, it’s advisable to avoid going into great details instead of being clear and concise with your explanations. The last thing your client wants to hear is the difficulties you’re facing as a company, and their only goal is for the matter to be addressed swiftly.

The second section of this letter is undoubtedly the most crucial part. Here, need to denounce any responsibility for delivering products that are of inferior quality. Instead, explain to the client how it may have been their fault maybe by not using the product properly or reading the instructions well. But to avoid ruining the relationship you’ve established with your customer., you should try and look for a compromise on how this matter can be resolved. For example, you can offer the client a chance to buy a similar product but at a significant discount of between 30% to 50%.

Even though the client’s claims might be unwarranted, you still need to be delicate and tactful in how you address this issue. By doing this, they’ll see that you always put their needs into consideration, hence maintain a positive working relationship with them.

Write a Conclusion

You should conclude this letter with kind words. Thank them for their time, and let them know you’re always willing to help avoid such incidences from happening in the future. Go ahead and explain that you hope that they’ll continue doing business with the company.

At the end of this letter, add the website of hot-line phone number through which your client can get in touch in case of any issue.

Proofread This Letter and Send It

Make sure to set aside a few minutes to carefully read through this letter to ensure it’s free of any mistakes. Doing this is crucial because if any error pops up, your client might construe you to be incompetent. Once you’ve confirmed everything in this letter is okay, go ahead and send it.

Adjustment Letter Format “Saying No”

Header part

Name of the sender

Sender’s Address

(This header can position either on the right or left side of the letter)


(You can place it on the right or left, even at the center)

Name of Recipient

Address of Recipient

//Body Part

Subject or Reference

Salutation (Dear Valued Customer)

First Paragraph

(This first section entails acknowledging recovering the complaint from the customer and giving your apologies on behalf of the seller. It’s best to sympathize with your customer for any inconveniences caused.)

Second Paragraph

(Here, you should go into details about the details of the goods and services you delivered to the customer)

Third Paragraph

(In this final paragraph you should restate your commitment to ensuring to always ensure quality products are delivered to the client)

(You should end this letter with a complimentary close)

Subscription – Thanking You, Yours sincerely


Full Name

Enclosure (if any documents attached, it must be specified too)

Sample Letter of Adjustment “Saying No”

Mrs. Jane Robinson

Customer Service Manager

Head Office of XYZ Wholesalers

ABZ Street

New Hampshire, USA

February 18, 2021

Mr. Job Popon

ZYX Street

New Hampshire, USA

Dear Mr. Popon,

We received your letter dated February 18, 2021, concerning the products delivered by XYZ Wholesalers. Thank you for writing this letter and giving us the chance to investigate this matter. It is vital to us to identify any issues which our customers experience because our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, more so when dealing with a long-time customer like yourself.

According to the information you provided, the machines that got delivered to your office center appear not to be fully functional. This is a matter we take with great seriousness and we have had a long talk with the quality inspection officer. But after going through the quality assurance tests, we’re confident that the machines when leaving our offices were fully functional. We acknowledge that this is a considerable issue, and want to apologize for how this situation has evolved. Because of that, we are giving you a 40% discount for any purchases you make to replace the destroyed equipment.

We hope that you will continue doing business with us.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,


Mr. Jane Robinson

Customer Service Manage

Adjustment Letter “Saying No” (Word Template)

Adjustment Letter "Saying No" (Word Template)


While the seller might, in many cases, be wrong for the delivery of a poor quality product, that’s not always the case. In such cases, the right step to take would be writing an adjustment letter “saying no” to the client’s claims or complaints. This is a very delicate letter and needs to be written tactfully to avoiding destroying the relationship already established with your clients. If you didn’t know what needs to be done, highlighted above are the steps you should follow when writing this letter.

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