Acting Resume Templates

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced actor, you need to present an acting resume to land a role in the entertainment industry. The acting career can be quite frustrating if you don’t have the right acting resume that will get you roles to start or develop your career.

An acting resume is a specially formatted resume used by actors seeking roles in theater, film, TV, or any other acting role. An acting resume is quite different from other professional resumes as it has an actor’s headshot and details of the actor, all fitting on an 8” x 10” sheet of paper. Other common inclusions in an acting resume are past training, past acting roles, and agent’s contact information.

An acting resume can also include the strong traits, skills, and awards that make the actor stand out.

How to Make an Acting Resume?

You should recognize an acting resume as different from normal resumes. This is why you need to follow specific steps that will guide you to making a professional-looking acting resume.

1.Relate it to a role

The first thing that you need to do is to tailor-make your resume to fit the specific role that you want. For example, if you want a role in the theaters, you should include relevant experience in the theaters.

2.Include your contact information

Your acting resume should have full information about you. Always ensure that the contact information that you have included is up-to-date. You should also include the contact information of your agent if you have one.

3.Include your physical characteristics

You should highlight your physical traits such as weight, height, eye color, and clothing size. This might be important to help in placing you in a role.

4.Resume objective or summary

After listing your contact information, you should summarize your acting career. If you don’t have experience, you can simply write the objective of your acting career.

5.List acting roles

You should use the reverse chronological order when listing the acting roles that you have done in the past. You should start with the most recent going back.

6.Education and training

List all the academic and training qualifications that you have. If you have attended college, you should list the date of graduation.  If there is any professional training that you have undergone that is related to acting, you should include it.

7.Unique skills

You should list the set of unique skills that you have that can boost your chances of being picked. For example, if you have certain stunt skills, you should include them as you are likely to be favored over a non-skilled actor.

8.Awards and accolades

You should list your notable accomplishments in the acting industry.


Your referees should be respected leaders in the acting industry such as well-known directors and producers. However, you should only include them in your acting resume if you have worked with them before and they can attest to your acting skills.

10.Attach your resume to your headshot

After you have finished writing the resume and proofread it, you can attach it to the back of your headshot. Ensure that it meets the 8” x 10” page requirements.

Acting Resume Format

You can use this format to guide your writing of an actor’s resume.

[Full names],

[state and city of residence],

[membership to actors’ unions]

[Contact information- phone number and email address]

[Agent’s name and contact information]

[Summary and objective of the resume]

[Acting experience – start with the recent]

[Education and training]

[Special skills]

[Awards and accolades]



Actor Resume Example

This example illustrates how you can write an acting resume.

Bernie Roy, Actor
Los Angeles,CA |321-121-2121|example email address
Agent: Carlos Von Hue |321-213-3421| example email address  

Resume summary: passionate creative with a dynamic nature, accommodating complex acting and drama roles. Dedicated to making the best of every acting experience by creating a formidable relationship between the characters and the audience.  Two-time Grammy Award winner.  

Role and experience:
TV Series:  
“Forever in Love” Gracie Gardner
“Riverdale Musicals” Yolanda Greene

“Macbeth”, Lady Macbeth“
Hamlet”, Ophelia  

Terrence School of Visual Arts 2012
Bachelor of Drama 2009  

Stage management training
Character role training
Television production training  

Special skills:
Ballet choreography
Fluency in Spanish, German, and French  

Awards and accolades:
Grammy Award: two-time winner
Best Screen Play Award, 2018  

Jim Hinks, Director | example email address
Leslie Fisher, Producer | example email address

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    Examples of Skills for an Acting Resume

    Here are some examples of skills that you can include in your acting resume to make it stand out:

    • Ability to work in teams
    • Time management skills
    • Great interpersonal skills
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Special skill sets such as music, choreographic work, and stunt coordination among others.

    What to Include in an Acting Resume with Little or No Experience

    If you do not have experience in acting, you should highlight your education and training as important parts of your acting resume.

    Put much emphasis on what you have learned in any acting-related training. If you have any set of skills that can make you stand out, ensure that you include them. For example, if you have a second language or an award for excellence, you should include them as well.

    Mistakes to Avoid in Your Acting Resume

    There are six mistakes that you should avoid when writing your acting resume.

    • Avoid including too many stats in your resume. You simply need to give your director or agent an idea of who you are without getting into specific details.
    • Don’t include your home address in your acting resume as it is not needed.
    • Don’t be too unrealistic about your age range in the hope of covering more acting roles.  
    • Don’t write an incomplete work history. For example, when writing a previously acted role, don’t just write the name of the character you played.
    • Don’t lie about languages that you are fluent in.
    • Don’t give misleading headshots on your acting resume.

    Final thoughts

    Whether you have experience or not, you should prioritize making a good acting resume. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will have a good resume that will land you a big acting role.