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Acknowledgement Letter: Sample & Format

An acknowledgment letter is part of the normal day-to-day activities in the formal sector. The letter confirms receipt of documents and highlights actions to be taken as requested in the letter. Another name for acknowledgment letters is a letter of receipt. These letters are also part of legal documents. Urgency is necessary when responding to these letters. Immediately you receive a letter write an acknowledgment letter and share your opinion and views with the write.

If you are new to writing such a letter before, you might find challenges in deciding the format and the words to use. In such cases, a temple or a sample will be most useful to make writing the letter easy and fast.

Key phrases to use when writing acknowledgment letter

Acknowledgment letters require a polite tone and phrases. Since these letters can be used in the legal process. It’s essential to mind the phrases to use. Commonly used phrases in these letters include;
  • If you need any clarification, contact me
  • I acknowledge receipt of………
  • I confirm receipt of the following documents
  • Thank you for sending……..
  • I acknowledge receipt of your return shipment of…….
  • I hereby confirm our telephone conversation……..

What to include in an acknowledgment letter

These details should appear on the acknowledgment letter.

The writer’s name and address

Your name and address should be at the start of the letter.


Include the date of writing the letter. The information is critical especially if the document might have any legal implications.

Recipients name and address

After the date, include the recipients details.


The subject will indicate the aim of the acknowledgment letter.


Address the recipient correctly based on their title. The following titles should be used followed by the last name. Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. / sir/ Madam/ Dr.


Use several paragraphs to address your client. In the letter’s body, discuss what you are acknowledging and any necessary action that the reader should take.

Complimentary close

Finish the letter by thanking the recipient and asking them to contact you if they need further details or clarification. At last, include a polite letter close.


Your signature and name should lie at the end of the letter.

Acknowledgment letter format


(Name of recipient)

(Address of recipient)

(State/City and zip code)

Subject (………………)

Dear (Recipient name)

I hereby acknowledge receipt of (indicate the document). As usual, we take (number of days) to respond to (state the claim). In case of any errors, we will notify you in advance.

Thank you for your commitment to transparent business procedures. We look forward to more business in the future.

Most respected,



(Company name)

Sample acknowledgment letter

Medex international517, Joberg Rd

Orlando CA, 70310



Florit Jane

313, Urban Lane

Orlando MO, 27380

Dear Jane,

I acknowledge receipt of your return shipment of six cartoons of Medex super meal. As we had communicated earlier, we have recalled all products under 30/ 04/19 batch number for further analysis after we received complaints from several customers regarding contamination of the said batch.

As a company, it’s our commitment to making sure that our customers receive the best products. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. In the meantime, you will receive six cartons to replace the returned shipment.

Thank you for supporting us. Once the analysis the process is complete, we will share the results of the investigations.


Peter Johns

Sale Manager

Medex international

Types of acknowledgment letters

Acknowledgment letter for a project

The letter acknowledges supports for a project. This can be a school project, a governmental or non–governmental project. Project acknowledgment letter expresses gratitude for material, academic or financial support and what was achieved. An acknowledgment letter for a project includes;
  • Gratitude for support received
  • What the project achieved
  • The name of the donor/sponsor
  • Name and address of the recipient

Acknowledgment letter for sending documents

In normal business circles, the exchange of information and documents occurs every day. As a matter of courtesy, any organization, an individual or company should confirm receipt by writing a letter. Acknowledging receipt of documents means that information reached the destination. An acknowledgment letter for sending documents includes;
  • The documents received
  • Time and date of receipt
  • Name and signature of the receiver
  • Name of the sender and their address

Acknowledgment letter for receiving money

When you receive money, either cash or a cheque for an individual, company or a bank, it’s essential to acknowledge receipt of the payment. Most companies and financial institutions offer a template that one signs and indicates their name to acknowledge receipt of the money. The letter can be used when receiving sponsorship or donations for individuals and organizations. The letter will act as a proof you received the money. An acknowledgment letter for receiving money includes;
  • The amount of money received
  • The date and tie of receipt
  • The recipient’s name and signature
  • Appreciation/ gratitude for the money

Acknowledgment letter for internship

After successfully completing an internship, you receive a letter showing you successful went through the internship. The letter is referred to as an acknowledgment letter for an internship. An acknowledgment letter for internship includes;
  • Name of the recipient
  • Start and completion date
  • What was covered during the internship period
  • The performance of the candidate
  • Name and signature of the writing authority.