Absent Letter for School Because of Sick

Absent letter for school is written by a student or parent to teacher or principal to ask for permission to miss school due to sickness. Mostly is written when one falls sick. One can either be in school or at home. It can be written by either the parent or the student. It is necessary to inform the class teacher in order to organize for missed lessons. The teacher can communicate with the student about assignment and homework for the number of days the student will be away.

Writing this kind of letter may not be easy. One needs to stay formal and explain the reasons why they want to be away from school. To make sure that your letter is approved without doubt it is important to use a sample letter. A sample letter will make things easier, simpler and clearer.

How to write

  • Indicate the person you are addressing the letter to. This could be the principal or the class teacher. and the school address.
    • To Mrs./Mr./Ms.
    • (The Principal/teacher
    • School name
    • Street name, city, zip code)
  • It’s prudent to mention the teacher/principal by name because you already know their name.
    • (Dear Mrs. Anderson)
  • Have a reference/title. Give a subject line on the purpose of the letter.
    • For example, (Ref: Permission for absent from school due to sickness)
  • Introduce yourself. The 1st paragraph should include your name, grade and class you are in. This makes it easy for the teacher to know who is writing the letter.
    • For example (My name is Stacy William am a student in your class grade 6S)
  • State the purpose of the letter. This is the main part of the letter. It is here that you let the recipient know why you are writing. You can mention something like,
    • (With due respect madam am requesting you allow me to be away from school for 4 days.)
  • State the reason. Explain in detail why you are requesting for off days, explain the status of your illness and the reasons you can’t manage to go to school.
    • (The doctor has advised that i be on bed rest which will help me recover. It is also to make sure i don’t spread the flu virus to other students)
  • State the action you will take to compensate the days you miss school. Mention if you are in a position to do your homework and assignments while at home or hospital. You can also say that you will borrow notes from your class mates.
    • For example (Please share all the assignments and homework. I will take notes from my classmate and study to make sure that I am not left behind in my studies)
  • Mention any documents that you will attach to the letter, like note from the doctor. You can say something like
    • “I have attached the doctors report for your records”
  • Sign the letter
    • (Yours sincerely)
    • Signature
    • (Name)

Absent Letter Format for School


To the principal

ABC School

Street name, city, code

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs.

Ref: Absent from School due to (Indicate reason)

I (insert name) is a student in your school grade (insert grade/ class). My registration number is (insert). For the past 3 weeks I have had a problem on my knees which has been causing pain. The pain became more severe last night which prompted me to visit a doctor. The doctor test showed that i had a fracture and recommended for a procedure that will aid my healing. I underwent a surgery which demands that I get 6 days off from (insert date) to (insert date).

Thanks for your support.

Yours faithful



Absent Letter for School Because of Sick from Student

30th April 2022

To Mrs. Anderson

Class teacher

Grade 6S

Dear Mrs. Anderson

Ref: Absence from School due to Illness

My name is Stacy Williams in grade 6S. I am kindly requesting to be absent from school for 4 days. This is due to a health condition that I have. I have been diagnosed with a flu virus. My doctor has advised that I restrain from public places to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to other people.

I have attached the doctors report that shows the details of my condition for your record. I will be glad to do my assignment and homework during this period to avoid being left behind in my studies.


Yours sincerely


Stacy Williams

Absent Letter for School Because of Sick from Parents

30th April 2022

Linda Williams

310 Grove Street. Apt.12

New York

Mrs. Woodley

The Greenland School

School lane 5th street

New York

Dear Madam,

Ref: Request for Sick Leave for Stacy Williams

My name is Linda Williams, mother of Stacy Williams. My daughter is a student at your in grade four (4). This is to kindly request you to excuse my child from class. She is not feeling well. She got high fever last night and the doctor recommended she gets enough rest to help her in getting better.

She will be away from school for four days. She will be on total rest and will not be on books for the said period. However, I promise to help her in studying the notes of what she will have missed to make sure she is up to date with the rest of the students.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Yours sincerely

Linda Williams, Stacy’s mother