20+ Free 5 Year Plan Templates & Examples (Business, Personal, Career)

Whether you are mapping out your career path, professional progress, financial position, or personal growth, you should consider using a 5-Year Plan Template to set clear goals. Outlining your vision in this document will give you a clear picture of what you need to do to realize it. Below, we discuss the 5-year plan, its benefits, and how to create one.

What Is a 5-Year Plan?

A 5-year plan is a list of personal or professional targets that you wish to meet within a span of 5 years, usually presented as a table. It is very specific and highlights specific timelines and smaller milestones that, when achieved, bring you closer to your long-term goal. Additionally, a 5-year plan outlines the skills, resources, and experience you need to achieve your goals.

What Is a 5 Year Plan Template?

A 5-year plan template is a fillable, printable document specifically designed to help you map out your plans for the next 5 years. It contains all the essential elements of a long-term planning tool and can be customized to cover your career, personal, financial, or professional vision.

Five-year Plan Example

GoalsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Professional DevelopmentComplete Master’s in Aerospace EngineeringSpecialize in Hydraulic Systems and Aeronautic Robotics (Ph.D.)Complete Fellowship at NASA  
CareerJunior Technician at NASASenior Technician at NASAChief Project Officer at NASA  
FinancialPay mortgagePay mortgageSave for a new carSave for a new carBuy new car
HealthAttend Gym and Adopt a Vegetarian Diet   

5-Year Plan Templates

5-year plan templates are printable documents specifically designed in a structure that allows you to map out your plans for the next 5 years. These plans can be career-oriented or personal.

Why 5 years?

A lot can happen in the span of 5 years, which is why it is one of the hallmarks of long-term planning. By mapping out your goals to 5 years in the future, you allow yourself enough time to acquire the skills, resources, or experience you need to achieve them. You are also able to see the big picture and allow yourself room for growth. Remember, your ideas may change somewhere along the line. A 5-year plan accounts for such changes.

5 Year Personal Plan Templates

A 5-year personal plan template is a fillable table that you can complete to outline your life plans for the next five years. The content should focus on your personal goals such as health, diet, and exercise.

How to Create a 5-Year Plan

Preparing a 5-year plan requires very deliberate assessments of your vision, resources, skills, experience, and abilities. If you make unrealistic plans or list too many goals, you might end up with unfulfilled dreams at the end of 5 years. Here is a detailed guide to help you strike the right balance between being visionary and practical:

Step 1: Evaluate Your Desired Future Position

Start by brainstorming your desired future position. Where do you want to be in the next five years? What accomplishments will make you feel happy and fulfilled? If you are not sure of where to start, make a list of all the things and people that inspire you.

Step 2: Identify Your Skills

Next, determine the skills and experiences you currently hold. What do you know? What have you done career-wise so far? If you don’t have satisfactory answers to these questions, include the steps you will take to acquire the skills you need to achieve your plan.

Step 3: Determine Your Transferable Skills

From the list you made in step 2, how many of your skills can be transferred to the vision of yourself described in step 1? This consideration is crucial if you plan to make a career transition.

Step 4: Study up on Your Goal

Now that you know what you want to do, go online and research your goal. If it is a career, read up on the skills and educational requirements you need for the job. Review the success stories of notable people in that field and note what they did right 5 years ago.

Step 5: Fine-Tune Your Goals

With the information gathered in step 4, fine-tune your goals, so they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART).

Step 6: Write Them Down

Note down the most important goals out of your current list – these are what you will focus on for the next 5 years. List down monthly, quarterly, or annual milestones that will bring you closer to these goals.

Step 7: Leave Room for Changes

Finally, make your plan flexible enough to accommodate changes that might take place down the line. Remember, as you grow, your ideals could change, and your plan should address this possibility.

5 Year Business Plan Templates

A 5-year business plan template is a pre-contrived file that can be completed to outline a company’s goals for growth in the next 5 years.

Benefits of Using a 5-Year Plan Template

A 5-year plan gives you a clear picture of your ambitions, values, goals, and personality. It can help you determine whether a career opportunity lines up with your professional vision. Besides this, this document also allows you to:

  • Learn more about your abilities – When preparing a 5-year plan, you review your goals and current skills and experience. This information can shed light on what you are capable of now and in the future.
  • Plan for the future – Once you know what you can do and what you would like to do in the future, you can use a 5-year plan template to plan out your vision of the future.

Tip: Using SMART goals when preparing your 5-year plan will help you develop a specific, realistic, attainable goal that you can measure as time passes.

5 Year Career Plan Templates

5-year career plan templates are specifically designed files that you can complete outlining your projected career progression for the next five years.


Planning plays a crucial role in any project, be it long or short term. If you wish to achieve a goal, you need to visualize and prepare for it by examining your current resources and what you need to get there. Whether you have a personal, professional, or career-oriented goal, a 5-year plan template is an excellent way to map it out and monitor your progress monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

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