24 Requisition Forms (Purchase / Materials / Lab)

When you need materials, services, or personnel for a company project, you cannot just contact a supplier or walk into the storage unit. You must run an official request up the proper channels to the branch or department that handles requisitions. This is where a requisition form comes in handy. Completing the document allows you to acquire the resources you need to complete your project on time and within the company’s budget.

Requisition forms will usually vary in content depending on the type of industry and the purpose of the document. This post reviews everything you need to know to prepare one for your work.

What Is Requisition?

Requisition is the official process of requesting items, services, or personnel within a company for a team or department project. It is usually done in writing by filling out a company requisition form or similar document. Generally, this process helps the management of an organization keep track of and account for all purchases within the business.

How a Requisition Works

If you need additional supplies for a currently running project, you are required to fill out a requisition form. When you do, you initiate the requisition process and create a record of your action for company reporting purposes. The department or branch in charge of requisitions then receives and processes your form, orders the items, receives them, and disseminates them to you.

The requisition process fosters accountability among the people involved in a supply chain. It prevents the chaos that could arise from employees using supplies as they want without making a proper record or notifying the authorities. From the information collected by reviewing requisition forms, a company can keep track of its internal inventory, budget costs, and future demand.

Most companies today use digitized requisition processes as opposed to filling in physical documents. This makes it easier to update inventory and costs every time an employee makes a requisition.

Purchase Requisition Forms

Purchase Requisition Forms are fillable files that can be downloaded or filled electronically to complete a request for materials, merchandise, or supplied from a company’s purchasing department.

What Is a Requisition Form?

A Requisition Form is a document used to initiate the requisition process. It outlines the goods or services needed by a department, team, branch, or company and contains the following details:

  • Date of request
  • Product or service description
  • The requester’s name (could be an individual or department)

If company policy dictates it, you can also highlight additional information about the good or service, such as its role in a project and when you need it.

Tip: If you are in charge of record-keeping in your company, always store approved requisition forms together with similar documents like purchase orders and invoices.

Essential Elements of a Requisition Form

A requisition form can be a physical document or a digitized equivalent. Regardless of the form it comes in; this document should contain the following key elements:

  • The requestor’s name
  • The department, branch, or company making the requisition
  • date of request
  • A description of the items, services, or action being requested
  • The expected date and location of delivery
  • The recipient’s name (usually the department in charge of requisitions)
  • The requestor’s signature

If you work in a large company where purchasing is centralized, you should send your requisition form to the department that handles requisitions.

Material Requisition Forms

Material Requisition Forms are printable source documents that the head of the production department can complete the request for raw materials or tools for manufacturing processes.

Purchase Requisition Form Vs. Purchase Order

A purchase requisition form is an internal document used mostly by team leaders or department heads to request goods or services for a project. It does not represent a legal, contractual obligation between the requestor and recipient. On the other hand, a purchase order is a document prepared by a company to order goods or services from an external supplier. It represents a legal and binding contract between the company and the vendor.

Types of Requisition Forms

The requisition process begins when you file the appropriate Requisition Form with the individual or department in charge of purchasing. Because there are many items individuals could ask for, there are several types of requisition forms. The most common ones are:

1. Advance Requisition Form

An advance requisition form is commonly used in non-government organizations (NGOs) by field workers who need project funding. It is submitted to the person in charge of finances, who then creates a budget for the upcoming project.

2. Test Requisition Form

The test requisition form is an external document because it is filled out by a patient requesting a test from a healthcare facility. It usually includes the following information:

  • Patient details
  • Name of ordering physician or laboratory
  • List of requested tests
  • Details about the requested tests
  • Data about the specimens collected, e.g., specimen source (biopsy tests and bodily fluids)
  • Billing information

3. Purchase Requisition Form

The purchase requisition form is filled out by individuals, team leaders, or department heads to ask for merchandise, supplies, or materials. Because it is an internal document, it does not represent a binding agreement with an external party.

4. Materials Requisition Form

This form is usually prepared by the production department manager to request raw materials for a manufacturing process. It is then submitted to the materials department or head of storage.

5. Personnel Requisition Form

You fill out a personnel requisition form when you need new employees to fill a position in your team or department. The form is then submitted to the department that oversees personnel acquisition.

Requisition Form Templates

Requisition Form Templates are customizable files that a company prepares to allow individuals or departments to request goods, services, or personnel for a project.

Key Points

The formal requisition process allows individuals, teams, or departments to acquire the resources they need for an active project. It usually begins when these parties prepare a requisition form outlining their needs and send it to the department in charge of purchasing. Once this document is approved, it becomes an official record filed alongside purchase orders and invoices. It then helps the company enforce accountability and keep track of inventory.

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