18 Redken Shades EQ Color Charts

18 Redken Shades EQ Color Charts

In today’s world, gray hair is a sign that you are ready to be put out to pasture. Even though that attitude does not apply to you, the rest of the world thinks it does. One way to avoid being relegated to the fringes of society is to color your hair.

Finding the right hair color is essential as you do not want to look weird nor do you want to look too old to do the job. Keep reading our article to find the right way to color your hair and the right information to choose the best color for you

Redken Color Charts

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    Categories of Redken shades EQ color charts

    Finding the right brand of hair color is essential. Cheaper brands will not do you any justice and those options may damage your hair. Redken is a top hair color brand that has developed three categories to help you find the right hair color for your personality and look.

    1. Lighteners – this category of hair dyes makes your hair look lighter. These dyes use your natural hair elements to lighten the tone or shade of your hair and give you a more youthful appearance. However, these are not permanent dyes and may wash out quickly.

    2. Permanent hair colors – when you want the color to last, this is the category you turn to. These dyes will change your appearance completely and the color will remain for a very long time even after frequent shampooing.

    3. Demi-permanent hair colors – when you just want to color your hair with a safe hair dye, this category of dyes does not contain ammonia. Their formula also helps make your hair look shinier and richer in texture. This category of dyes lasts longer than the lighteners but not as long as the permanent category dyes.

    Choosing your color

    There are a lot of hair color brands and colors of dyes to choose from. Finding the right hair color for you can be a daunting task, but if you know your skin type, you can eliminate a lot of options making finding the right color easier.

    Also if you know the hue of your skin, you should have an easier time finding the right hair color. Here are tips on finding the right hair color for you

    1. Skin hue

    Pull your hair back so it is out of your way and lets you see your skin clearly. Once that is done, take a good honest look at your skin color.

    • If your skin looks yellowish, that means you have a warm complexion
    • If your skin looks bluish, that means you have a cooler complexion

    Pick your hair dye accordingly to fit the hue of your skin

    2. Skin type

    • Spring- light skin tone with a hint of peach or gold and your eyes will be either blue or green. A blonde color looks good on you as does red, golden brown, copper, strawberry blonde. Stick to warm colors
    • Summer- a rosy skin tone with violet or bluish undertones and your eyes could be any color. The hair colors that look good here are brunette, blonde, ashen tones, platinum blonde, and if you pick red, it should not have gold, mahogany, or copper tones to it
    • Winter- light skin tone with dark hair and any eye color. You want a hair color that gives off a warm look which means you have a large selection of colors to choose from
    • Autumn- a light skin tone with a bronze or yellowish/golden hue and you normally have freckles with green or blue for your eye color. Dark browns with mahogany or copper undertones are good as are golden brown to reddish-brown tints

    Getting your hair colored

    There are several steps in this process, and when you are coloring your hair the first time,. You should go to a professional. That step will help you learn what you need to do when you color your hair yourself.

    1. Do not judge a book by its cover

    What this means is that the color of the model’s hair on the box may not be the color your hair will have when you are done.

    2. Look at the swatches on the color chart

    To get a better idea of how your hair will look when it is dyed, look at the swatches on the color chart. That will give you a more realistic idea of how your hair will turn out.

    3. Watch your own hair color

    If you like a particular color make sure it will work with the current color of your hair. If you mix a red with a platinum blonde, the results may have your hair looking like it belongs in a circus.

    Your current hair color will help you understand what your new hair color will look like.

    4. The stylist’s choice

    If you like a certain color you found on a box of hair dye, do not think your stylist will produce the same color. The stylist mixes their dyes according to their formulas and standards and their color is the one you will get. They do not use the box or brand you like.

    5. More visits are needed

    When you turn to a professional to dye your hair, you may find out that to get the exact color you want, you will have to make up to 4 visits to the stylist. This can be annoying but if you want perfect results, this is the way to do it.

    Final Words

    When it comes to coloring your hair, be realistic and avoid the cheaper, lower quality hair dyes. Also, take your time selecting a color as you need to match your eye color, your skin hue and type, and not just any color will do.